Top 10 Ways to Influence People Online

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If you want to gain more traffic to your website, or even sell more products from your site, you need to learn how to influence people online. Millions of people shop over the Internet and while you can’t please everyone, you can definitely persuade people to purchase the products you want them to buy.

1. Offer your users to submit reviews of the products you sell.
When visitors come to your website, they will want to see other opinions and ratings about your products, so why not have it all in one place instead of them having to go search elsewhere for user-generated reviews.

2. Offer quick fixes and fast gratification.
If visitors see words like ‘immediately’ and ‘quickly’, they will be more inclined to buy your products if they know they can get instant savings or even the product in a quick manner.

3. Put your most important item up first.
Whatever the product is that you want to sell, offer it on the front page. Studies have shown that people are often inclined to take a closer look at the first thing they see on a website.

4. Give away free items.
You don’t have to give away your inventory to generate sales. Offer a free item with every purchase, such as a free ebook or a free coupon to use the next time they buy something. This will make the buyer feel like they are getting more for their money.

5. Show that your items are scarce.
People have a tendency to buy something if they think it will be out of stock soon. Using words like ‘Only 2 left in stock!’ may help boost your sales if you show that there is a need for the product.

6. Use catchy headlines.
People like to read about what they are buying before they buy it. Use attractive headlines to draw them in and then hook them with great product descriptions.

7. Enlist in the help of online survey software or quizzes to personalize your buyer’s experience.
Offer up a poll that asks them what they think about a particular situation. You may find that they come back more often to your website to see the results.

8. Figure out the target age group that visits your website and use images and storylines targeted to that age range.
People most often identify with those that are similar to them, so by using pictures with attractive people in them, you may help to make more sales.

9. Create stories for what you are selling.
Personalize by relating them to your own life so that visitors can identify with your website. Knowing how to tell a story, especially about a product, can greatly help your sales. People like to read good writing.

10. Show your business credentials.
If you are promoting products on your website, show your visitors why you are qualified to sell them or even what makes the products so special. If you can back up your expertise, you will generate more sales.

Influencing people to buy from you online can be easy if you know the right tricks and tips to follow.

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