Workspace Was Never Easier Than With Loosecubes

Berlin office space for use.

My first beta test out of the gate in some time, I got lucky and ran across the superb Cargoh startup last week. Then earlier today, I smacked into another innovation many people will simply love. Loosecubes is a beta that turns real world workspaces into digital community. Well, that could be vice versa in the end. What Cargoh had by way of refined utility and beauty, Loosecubes directs at crowd-sourcing office space.

Loosecubes is a simple utility really. A minimalist design is what was needed to consolidate what amounts to a fantastic idea – helping people be mobile and at the same time in the brick and mortar world of business. Let’s break it down shall we. With a little imagination – you may soon want to hook into a Loosecubes working dogma. As the image below shows, even in our neck of the woods, a temporary office space is open – in Berlin no less. Imagine the economy of this in today’s mobile world.

Loose the Dogs of Logic – Loosecubes

Loosecubes was briefly illuminated on Lifehacker as well as Swiss Miss. Both articles pretty much just copied the content of the startup’s webpages however. Expanding upon this seems the right thing to do, given this sort of “economical” and dynamic thinking may just be the coming trend for more than just office cubicles. Think of our mobile society – then think of all the times you needed a place to work out of – without the heavy rent and other expense.

Basically, Loosecubes puts people with space to spare in touch with their counterparts in need of flexible workspace. The whole platform them begins to resemble an open source real estate office for any kind of space. Think for a moment.

I won’t get into clean user interfaces and my usual usability aspects here. Suffice it to say Loosecubes did those right – so far. Like Cargoh in a way, what makes this startup powerful, besides the potential of the idea, is the people presenting their “spaces.” Let me elaborate on this for a moment.

If you drill down into Loosecubes’ simple nav, you will arrive at user spaces showcased to share – nice media ads for everything from a corner table to a conference center – and artists loft to share to a vast variety of little niches to call “Shared Office Homes.”  This is what these highly economical spaces amount to – offices away from the office hassle. The artist’s ad space below reveals both the simplicity of the user experience, and the quick information space.


Fashion district studio space at half the cost or less

Come and Get It – Exactly What You Need

Looking for open work spaces worldwide is one aspect of Loosecubes, the other is listing your free “cubicles” or patio tables for use by others. Again, as you can see below, the developers at Loosecubes build upon the crisp simplicity of their design to make for a clear input dashboard for listings. If real estate companies ever get their hands on this. Opps.

Office Space can be deadlyAny way, chose from the categories; Company Office, Shared Office, Co-working Space, Studio Space, or even create your own custom category (Doghouse or rowboat maybe?). You get the idea, it really is drop-dead-simple. Imagine never having to see “what’s his face over there, ever again.”

If I have one complaint about this new Brooklyn startup on the block, it is the difficulty I ran into finding the team. A mysterious founder gal named Campbell, oh if you break out the link bloodhounds you can find her at Twitter – aka McKellar Campbell. Her affiliation and contribution to New Work City and Mayor of the place Tony Bacigalupo is documented – sort of. You (and she later on today) get the point here. You gotta be proud enough of something like this to broadcast a bit. Even Loosecubes’ CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Anna, could be on some CIA NOC list.

In any event, the big news for Loosecubes is – simplicity, logic, and ergonimics like this could go viral as hell any time. With economies shriveled to the point of not existing – does everyone need true office space? Think about this concept on a worldwide scale. We work here half from our office, and the other half on the terrace with a laptop.

A Note On Visibility – Especially for Old Folks

Do we need the space all the time? Hardly. Could we share the expense with one, two, even three other outfits? You bet we could. Looking at simple math – well, I should not have to go there. Loosecubes is an extraordinary concept put in motion. Partially that is – maybe their hiring will afford the development someone with a camera and the ability to type an about page? Holy Cow! Breaking News! I just stumbled across the Loosecubes blog – the real one. Therein, some of the peeps are visible. Opps, that data is incomplete too. :(

Loosecubes input spaces

List your corner of workspace – easy peasy

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