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Anat Gerstein Inc. PR Firm Profile

2021-03-10 by EPR Staff

Founded in 2010 and located in Long Island City, New York, Anat Gerstein Inc is a full-service communications firm working with big and small nonprofits to build brand recognition, engage stakeholders, and achieve goals. This is a firm that can help nonprofits increase their fundraising, recruit new clients, build a volunteer base, push through revised or new public policies or projects, and much more. The firm believes that effective marketing and communication can do a lot more than simply generating social media posts, promotional materials, and press clips - they can also move the public to take action. Because of that, the... Read More >

Sabrina LCP Communications: Company Profile

2021-03-08 by EPR Staff
Inside Sabrina

Founded in 2011, and based in New York City, Sabrina LCP Communications is a full-service public relations consultancy. The firm uses the power of traditional and modern communications channels to shape conversations, build brands, and create value for clients and businesses. The goal of Sabrina LCP is to drive impactful media relations campaigns that can reach clients’ core audiences. These range between brands, marketers, media outlets, influencers, as well as consumers. Through leveraging the team of senior industry experts, the consultancy is quickly able to scale up any PR effort and major initiative, as well as provide support to all... Read More >

Day One: Communications PR Firm

2021-03-05 by EPR Staff

With offices in both Los Angeles and New York, Day One is a full-service creative communications agency that was founded in 2014. The goal was to stop people during the daily scroll through the newsfeeds with stories that stand out. With an agency full of people with fresh perspectives and positive energy, the team tries to bring enthusiasm and energy to every client’s campaign. The aim of each campaign is to earn a place in conversations around the world, using breakthrough creative ideas. In a digital world where people refuse to stand still and are constantly on the move, campaigns have to... Read More >

V2 Communications’ Profile Q & A

2021-03-05 by EPR Staff
v2 head 1

Today, a Q&A with V2 Communications’ founders & partners, Maura FitzGerald and Jean Serra. What led you to careers in PR? Jean: I fell into PR, plain and simple. I ended up getting a receptionist position at a regional ad agency with plans to transition into account management, but the agency had a PR department and so I started doing work for them. I really grew to love PR, as it gave me the opportunity to write creatively that wouldn’t have been afforded to me had I been on the advertising side. Maura: I worked as a reporter at a couple large... Read More >

MC Group Communications PR Company Profile

2021-02-26 by EPR Staff
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download 1 MC Group is a full-service agency with a variety of units within the company. The firm's goal is to combine all different forms of communication to create well-integrated campaigns customized to meet the needs of clients. Founded in 1993 by Harald Zulauf, MC Group is today considered the number one communications agency in Europe. The firm maintains a worldwide network of over 80 partner agencies across the globe. Clients of the agency receive customized plans in the public and private sectors, including government, international agencies, and market-leading firms. When it was established, MC Group (known at the time... Read More >

Judge Public Relations: PR Firm Profile

2021-02-23 by EPR Staff

Headquartered in Tampa Florida, Judge Public Relations represents clients from around the globe and has garnered media attention for clients on each continent. The award-winning agency was founded by James Judge who is an expert in public relations, a decorated war veteran, and a former journalist. The agency leverages expertise from dozens of experts in web and print media, radio, television, marketing, and communications. Combined, the team’s expertise has earned numerous awards for the company, and agents within the firm have earned more than 20 Emmy awards and an MTV Movie Award. Working with different clients, Judge Public Relations has... Read More >

Perry Communications Group: Agency Profile

2021-02-22 by EPR Staff
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Founded in 1996, Perry Communications Group (PCG) has leveraged an all-star team to churn-out award-winning campaigns for nonprofit and corporate clients. Led by Kassy Perry, PCG has thrived as an agency that galvanizes change in the social, legislative, and regulatory spaces. Under the direction of an award-winning journalist, the Sacramento-based agency leads major initiatives in the entertainment, environmental, energy, and healthcare industries. The agency also leads the way when it comes to initiatives in mental health, ongoing care, public health, and senior living communities. With PCG being recognized on various fronts, learning more about this agency is key. PCGs Leadership... Read More >

Finch Media: Helping Brands Soar

2021-02-18 by EPR Staff

Based in Vancouver, Finch Media specializes in helping brands share compelling stories and communicate effectively. With experience across the United States and Canada, the agency is well-suited to tailor marketing and communication campaigns for a wide array of needs.Leveraging a vast experience in digital and traditional PR, Finch Media offers a one-stop-shop for brands seeking PR success. Working with brands seeking thought-leadership status, Finch Media has mastered the art of sharing compelling stories that resonate with target audiences.Unique aspects increase Finch Media’s ability to help brands soar. These are: Key services #1. Communication and marketing strategy Building upon its expertise,... Read More >

Gold PR: PR Company

2021-02-16 by EPR Staff

Founded close to two decades ago by Shari Gold, Gold PR has grown to secure a position in the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Being a top marketing agency, Gold PR employs data-driven PR, digital and social media to deliver unparalleled results for leading consumer brands in lifestyle, beauty, health & wellness, automotive, medical technology, beverage, retail, and food industries. Looking at the entire marketing mix holistically, the agency tailors each client’s strategy to achieve unrivaled results. Practicing integrated marketing, Gold PR’s team employs rigorous content development to bring each client’s stories to their... Read More >

Carve Communications Feature Q & A

2021-02-16 by EPR Staff
IMG 9866

Scott Goldberg has joined Carve Communications as the agency’s Managing Director and Executive Vice-President of Client Services. Goldberg brings over 17 years of experience, and was previously recognized by AdAge Magazine as a “CMO for Hire”.  Today, a Q & A with Mr. Goldberg. Looks like Carve has been on quite a roll the last quarter or so, what can you attribute the success to? Truth be told, the growth trajectory has been more like the last year or so.  There's no singular change that we made though, it's more a combination of things.  First, it's the internal team that... Read More >

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