Public Relations RFP

Westwood Village Seeks Brand Development FIRM

2020-02-09 by EPR Staff

Background: The Westwood Village Improvement Association (WVIA) is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to make Westwood Village a clean, safe, and friendly place for the community through maintenance, security, and enlivening programs. The WVIA leads the District by adopting positions on district-wide short- and long-term opportunities, and considering matters such as city planning and zoning, parking, events, and other services that promote increased tenant recruitment and retention, business, values, and investment. The WVIA is governed by a 13- member Board of Directors comprised of property owners, merchants and a UCLA representative. The WVIA receives $1.5 million annually from... Read More >

Brand & Marketing RFP Issued By Boston Green Ribbon Commission

2020-02-07 by EPR Staff

Brand & Marketing RFP Issued By Boston Green Ribbon Commission"Boston city skyline at dawn, first of the sunlight hitting the city, USA" The Boston Green Ribbon Commission seeks branding, marketing, planning, and execution assistance with the pilot phase of a multi-institution, Boston-based campaign that engages cultural organizations with climate programming under a single brand in 2020. The Boston Green Ribbon Commission’s Cultural Institutions Working Group is launching a campaign of climate programming supported by forty-plus cultural institutions in Boston. Members of the group vary widely in size and mission: the uniting factor is a desire to use their ability to... Read More >

Spero Academy Marketing Campaign

2020-01-28 by EPR Staff

Spero Academy Marketing Campaign Marketing Needs Overview Spero Academy has launched a successful marketing campaign utilizing an outside marketing firm that created content for us. This marketing campaign increased our enrollment to meet targets set by the Spero Academy Board of Directors. Currently the Board of Directors and the marketing committee have identified a need in the areas of staff retention and recruitment as well as some evergreen marketing videos. Spero Academy is seeking assistance with its marketing efforts with the goal of achieving the following outcomes: 1. Increase staff recruitment in the area of qualified paraprofessionals and qualified teachers... Read More >

City of Northport Issues Branding RFP

2020-01-27 by EPR Staff

City of Northport Issues Branding RFP The City of Northport is soliciting responses to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified professional firms with experience in community branding and logo/tagline development.The purpose of the Community Branding & Logo Development Project is to capture the character of Northport and use it to establish a brand for the City. The project will include brand expression, messaging and visual elements. One objective of the project is to create a modern and eye-catching logo that has a wide appeal and usage. The logo must be able to be easily adapted for usage by multiple... Read More >


2020-01-24 by EPR Staff

MIGA currently has corporate accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. While content is produced for individual project signings and special events, longer shelf-life material in support of key strategic prioirity areas (such as Development Impact, performance standards, mobilizing private capital, Fragility Conflict Violence (FCV), International Development Association (IDA)) is produced sporadically. Moreover, the visibility and engagement on MIGA social media channels is currently small.  This effort will establish a baseline as well as template for the Agency for ongoing content production and social media promotion. Content – Review reports and other documents on key priority areas, and translate messages into... Read More >

City of Goodyear Issues Marketing RFP

2020-01-11 by EPR Staff

City of Goodyear Issues Marketing RFP A. The description of work includes creating a comprehensive 1-3 year economic development marketing plan, based upon mutually agreed upon terms and conditions.  B. The campaign must support the City’s Economic Development goals as outlined in the “Focus on Success Economic Development Action Plan”.   C. The campaign is defined as including supplemental research, plans, and material deliverables. The strategic targeted marketing campaign along with tactical implementation options and material deliverables should address the following:  1. Identify a “unique selling proposition” and messaging recommendations for Goodyear economic development.  a. Develop positioning and messaging in relation... Read More >

Visit California Issues Marketing RFP

2020-01-01 by EPR Staff

The purpose of this RFP is to seek and retain a qualified agency to act as the Visit California in-market specialist for marketing and sales representation in Brazil to promote California as a premier travel destination, with the ultimate goal of increasing travel to California. The contracted company will be required to develop a proactive marketing program that enhances the position of California with consumers, key travel trade influencers and media outlets in Brazil. The contracted company will also support consumer advertising and promotional campaign activity and will be involved in the management of Visit California’s owned channels targeting Brazil... Read More >


2019-11-11 by EPR Staff

The Workforce Investment Board of Butler|Clermont|Warren (WIBBCW) is issuing a Request for Proposals to solicit interest from experienced marketing firms to operate as an Engagement and Outreach Manager. This Individual/Firm will be a contracted member of WIBBCW Administration and collaborate with the Executive Director to execute the Board-approved Marketing and Outreach Plan. The goal of executing the Plan is to raise the Area’s awareness of, and engagement with, the WIBBCW, the Programs and Services of our three, Tri-County OhioMeansJobs Centers, and the continuous quality improvement of the workforce area. For businesses and employers, we want to be known as “Your... Read More >

City of Burnsville Seeks Lobbying Agency

2019-09-30 by EPR Staff

City of Burnsville Seeks Lobbying Agency The City of Burnsville welcomes proposals to provide consultant and lobbying services related to certain specific legislative initiatives. Background: In late 2018, the Burnsville City Council adopted a vision for the redevelopment of the current regional Burnsville Center site and surrounding area. This “Center Village Plan” serves to guide decision making, investments and priorities for transforming the district from all commercial into a feasible vibrant, high density mixed-use neighborhood. The aspirations for the redevelopment plan are to create new and constantly changing experiences that are responsive to the market and engaging to the community.... Read More >

University of California, Davis Issues Marketing RFP

2019-05-29 by EPR Staff

University of California, Davis Issues Marketing RFP The purpose of this Request for Proposal ("RFP") is to invite qualified bidders to prepare and submit proposals for campaign services to the University of California on behalf of its Davis campus (“UC”), in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFP. UC Davis Health is seeking to engage the services of a firm for the strategic planning and fundraising direct marketing services for the personalized solicitation and cultivation of grateful patients and lapsed donors to the Annual Fund. Our team (Giving Programs for UC Davis Health), manages the patient and donor... Read More >

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