The Workforce Investment Board of Butler|Clermont|Warren (WIBBCW) is issuing a Request for Proposals to solicit interest from experienced marketing firms to operate as an Engagement and Outreach Manager. This Individual/Firm will be a contracted member of WIBBCW Administration and collaborate with the Executive Director to execute the Board-approved Marketing and Outreach Plan. The goal of executing the Plan is to raise the Area’s awareness of, and engagement with, the WIBBCW, the Programs and Services of our three, Tri-County OhioMeansJobs Centers, and the continuous quality improvement of the workforce area. For businesses and employers, we want to be known as “Your Resource for Human Resources!” And for Job Seekers, we want OMJ’s seen as the place where “Your Career Starts Here!”.

The success of this project will be demonstrated by increased engagement by the business/employer, job seeker and education and training communities to develop and deliver workforce development solutions and increased resources to underwrite those solutions.


The Workforce Investment Board of Butler|Clermont|Warren (WIBBCW) is a business-led Board of Directors. The WIBBCW is a public-private partnership, executing specific laws, policies, procedures and resources to successfully connect the businesses and job seekers of the Area, create self-sufficient taxpayers and contribute to the continuous improvement of the Workforce Area’s economy. We exist because of, and are partially funded through, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which was signed into law on July 22, 2014.

In the United States, there are 550 workforce development boards and one-stop career centers The WIBBCW is designed to bring Elected Officials, Business Leaders, Area Representatives in Employment, Education and Training, Community-Based Partners, Providers, and Subject-Matter Experts together. As a Think Tank, this alliance exists to continuously improve the Area’s Workforce System, using the OhioMeansJobs one-stop career centers as the hub of activity to execute solutions that meet employer demands for a skilled workforce, and the workforce needs for independence and dignity through work.

Scope of Work:

This RFP seeks a firm to execute eight, overarching responsibilities. Other projects and tasks not listed below, but related to the categories, may be required of the Contractor. It is assumed that the successful bidder will research the WIBBCW, it contracts, programs, services, marketing materials, logo designs, and on-site graphics as a part of their decision to submit a proposal.

                1. Create the marketing communications noted in the Marketing and Outreach Plan;

                2. Work with selected vendors to create the marketing communications noted in the Marketing and Outreach Plan

                3. Coordinate with the WIBBCW, the OMJ|Consortium and the OMJ|BCW Business and Employer Solutions Team (BEST) Leaders to define the content that will be used to update and align the websites (WIBBCW.com and OMJ-BCW.com), social media platforms other marketing         communications that further educate and engage stakeholders in the WIBBCW and OMJs;

                4. Create additional marketing communications, as deemed necessary by the Executive Director;

                5. Use subject matter and content provided by the Executive Director, for the preparation and delivery of information to stakeholders;

                6. Create and maintain accurate lists, with contacts, of industry, business and employer leadership teams, elected officials and media entities who’d benefit from WIBBCW and OMJ information


To be considered responsive, proposal must meet the following minimum criteria:

                • A proposal with electronic signature must be received no later than 4pm EST, Friday, November 22, 2019. Proposal received after this deadline will not be accepted.

                • Providing incomplete or erroneous information could result in disqualification.

                • Acceptable proposals will meet the specification contained in this RFP and the requirements of all applicable statues, regulations and policies.


WIBBCW intends to make award to organization or independent contractor who have demonstrated the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of a contract. When completing the proposal, Contractors must include an analysis and propose a framework for WIBBCW engagement and marketing and should address specifics including:

                • Overall capacity to meet goals

                • Ability to deliver creative and innovative ideas and solutions

                • Understanding of the workforce community

                • Metrics used for client satisfaction

                • Regularly reporting to the WIBBCW Executive Director on projects, milestones and progress


No changes, modifications, or additions to the proposal may be made after the proposal deadline unless requested by the WIBBCW. Proposals will be evaluated by a Proposal Review Panel comprised of WIBBCW staff, Fiscal Agent and other preselected reviewers. It is intended to retain the successful proposer pursuant to a “Best Value” and Best Qualified” basis, not sole on the “lowest Proposal Basis”.

The WIBBCW will select the Contractor based on the contents of the proposal and the following criteria:

                • 20 Points – Proposed project and approach

                • 20 Points – Qualifications and technical ability of the individual and/or firm

                • 20 Points – Similar experience with past projects

                • 20 Points – Ability to comply with the proposed schedule

                • 20 Points – Cost

During the evaluation process, the WIBBCW may request additional information or clarifications from the proposers.


All submittals shall include, at minimum, the following information:

                • Please include a cover letter summarizing your or your firm’s background, resources, and         relevant experience. This letter should also include a cost estimate for the project, and resumes                of individual assigned to this engagement.

                • How you or your Firm can help the WIBBCW achieve our goal of increasing the engagement of               Area businesses, employers and job seekers

                • Examples of two relevant past projects: Please include a summary describing two relevant past            projects. These examples should include a brief summary of each project and you’re your or        your firm’s specific involvement in it, as well as links to event websites and any supporting                creative or writing collateral.

                • Provide list of References and Past Projects/Clients.

Due Date:

November 22, 2019



Strong firms worth considering include Ruder Finn and Finn Partners.

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