Town of Mammoth Lakes Issues Graphic Design RFP

Town of Mammoth Lakes Issues Graphic Design RFP
Town of Mammoth Lakes Issues Graphic Design RFP

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is seeking proposals for professional graphic design services to substantially expand its marketing and graphic design capacity with the goal of delivering integrated and branded public information across all print and digital mediums in a timely fashion.


The Town of Mammoth Lakes is a small but lively community of four square miles, filled with a special brand of people who have chosen to leave behind their urban lifestyles and experience the unique attributes of the Eastern Sierra.

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Mammoth Lakes is a year-round resort town and base camp for a number of amazing recreation opportunities such as skiing, riding, snowshoeing, biking, hiking, fishing, camping, fall color viewing and more.

Incorporated in 1984, Mammoth Lakes is a relatively young town that sits at an altitude of 7,500-8,050 feet with a population of just over 8,000. Mammoth Lakes is bordered by the Inyo National Forest and the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness Areas. Yosemite National Park’s eastern entrance is located just 32 miles north of town. The town is located in the southern half of Mono County, a diverse region of eastern California. Comprising 3,018 square miles, the County’s area is marked by the sharp contrast between its eastern and western boundaries. Bounded on the west by the Sierra Nevada crest, this region is characterized by its mountains, lakes, streams and forests. Unlike the gentle, rolling escarpment west of the crest, the eastern slope of the Sierra plunges dramatically to the valley floors.

                General Plan Vision Statement – 2007

                “Surrounded by uniquely spectacular scenery and diverse four-season recreational          opportunities, the community of Mammoth Lakes is committed to providing the very highest          quality of life for our residents and the highest quality of experience for our visitors.”

To achieve this vision, Mammoth Lakes places a high value on:

  • Sustainability and continuity of our unique relationship with the natural environment. As stewards, we support visitation and tourism as appropriate means to educate and share our abundant resources. We are committed to the efficient use of energy and continuing development of renewable resources.
  • Being a great place to live and work. Our strong, diverse yet cohesive, small town community supports families and individuals by providing a stable economy, high quality educational facilities and programs, a broad range of community services and a participatory Town government.
  • Adequate and appropriate housing that residents and workers can afford.
  • Being a premier, year-round resort community based on diverse outdoor recreation, multiday events and an ambiance that attracts visitors.

Protecting the surrounding natural environment and supporting our small town atmosphere by limiting the urbanized area.

  • Exceptional standards for design and development that complement and are appropriate to the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain setting and our sense of a “village in the trees” with small town charm.

                Offering a variety of transportation options that emphasize connectivity, convenience and          alternatives to use of personal vehicles with a strong pedestrian emphasis.

Scope of Work:

1. Graphic Design Services

  • Develop exceptionally professional, compelling and branded layout and final artwork for print and digital collateral. Deliverables include: flyers, brochures, posters, presentations, reports, social media, mailers, print ads, banners, infographics, e-newsletter and flyer templates, icons/logos, and other visual formats
  • Provide capacity to complete multiple design projects simultaneously during busy periods, and ability to ramp up or down capacity dedicated to serving the Town to meet fluctuating client needs.
  • Develop strategies, ideas and tactics for communicating complex concepts through clean, professional, and branded visual design
  • Understand the Town of Mammoth Lakes brand and articulate the brand message through appropriate design solutions
  • Adhere to brand guidelines
  • Participate with staff on the development of advertising and communications campaigns as needed
  • Maintain consistently excellent standards of quality and attention to detail in all drafts and final products
  • Ability to work at a highly professional level in Adobe Creative Suite

2. Client Communication

  • Assign a lead designer as point person for this account with availability (if necessary) to meet in-person on site at the Town offices on a regular basis (weekly if needed) to make timely design revisions as well as explore visual design concepts collaboratively with Town staff
  • Communicate effectively in writing and in verbal conversation with Town staff to establish and maintain productive and effective working relationships encountered during the performance of duties
  • Track client direction and feedback with utmost attention to detail by drafting and distributing meeting notes in order to deliver requests and work items in a prompt, accurate and efficient manner
  • Deliver products by stated deadline as directed by Town staff with ability to respond quickly by either producing or editing deliverables in a short time period.
  • Track hours effectively and bill the Town accurately
  • Respond to Town communications within 24-48 hours

Due Date:

February 22


Stuart Brown

Town of Mammoth Lakes

Parks and Recreation Director | Public Information Officer

437 Old Mammoth Road, Suite 230 | P.O. Box 1609

Mammoth Lakes, CA 93456

Shift Communications is based in California.

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