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Then United Nations seeks  to  hire  a  Media/event management company to conceive, develop, pretest and produce a multi-media, multi-channel communication campaign  to  promote  the  2030  Agenda  for  Sustainable  Development  and  the Sustainable Development Goals; to conceptualize and implement  UN intervention/e vent  in the  context of the  United Nations Day on  24th  October 2017.


At the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 20 1 5, United Nations Member States adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (2030 Agenda) with a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its core. The 2030 Agenda strives for a world that is just, rights -based, equitable and inclusive. It aims at committing stakeholders to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and to benefit all, including women, children, youth and future generations. It is meant to be implemented in a manner consistent with exist in g obligations of states under international law. The new global/holistic 2030 Agenda will require an integrated approach to sustainable development and collective action at all levels to address the challenges of our time, with an overarching imperative of ‘leaving no one behind’ and addressing in equalities and discrimination as the central defining feature.

The text of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for the participation and inputs of civil society and other stakeholders in its implementation. It repeatedly frames the implementation of the Agenda in terms of partnerships between governments, the private sector, civil society, the UN system and other actors. This makes it very clear that national governments are not the only, or in some cases, primary drivers of transformation towards sustainable development, and those partnerships will be crucial to catalyze action. Strong participation of civil society in the implementation, follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) would represent a very welcome continuation of the inclusive character that defined the negotiations on the SDGs, ensuring that the process can benefit from their perspectives. Therefore, building public awareness and engaging national, sub-national and local stakeholders in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs is a critical initial and ongoing step for t heir successful implementation.

Scope of Work:

  1. a) Communication campaign:
  • Consult the available literature on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, available at UN and other partners;
  • Conceive and present a creative treatment of the campaign comprehensive of the following components:
    • Rational of the campaign, main slogan and key messages;
    • Summary of key communication products proposed and rationale for each of one;
    • Campaign champions including celebrities to  be mobilized for the  campaign;
    • SDGs catchy music song intended for civil society audience;
    • One 60 seconds TV and  radio spots script, and storyboard (for the TV PSA) for approval;
    • One 120 seconds TV and radio spots script, and storyboard (for the  TV  PSA)  for approval;
    • At least three thematic and catchy SMS to be sent by UNRCO to community radios and target population;
    • Development  and Implementation of an integrated Social Media campaign  composed of:
      • Innovative and creative campaign approaches  to  drive  user engagement  and targeting;
      • Design package consisting of banners for  Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube (must provide design files);
      • Multimedia package consisting of text, short videos and photos for posting on Facebook and Twitter (must provide design files);
  • Media Plan describing the most convenient TV and radio programmes in which direct participation from Campaign champions, Government officials and UN representatives is suggested;
  • Media engagement plan comprised of:
    • Power point presentation of the campaign;
    • Press release;
    • Briefing for spokesperson at national and provincial level participating in TV and radio programmes;
  • Media monitoring and evaluation plan including the below listed proposed activities;
    • Undertake a rapid pre-test of music and radio rough edits and TV storyboard with at least two pre-testing discussions in Maputo, targeting civil society and government officials;
    • Produce all communication materials and PSAs and present rough edits of each for approval;
    • Finalize all communication products listed above as per UNRCO’s feedback and pre-test review;
  1. b) Public Relations:
  • Consult the available literature on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goa ls, available at UN and other partners;
  • Create and present a public relations plan for the event for approval;
  • Take care and manage all media (print, TV, Radio, Electronic) for the campaign period and for the events;
  • Liaise with UNRCO’s SDG Social Mobilization Officer on all communication activities;
  • Create press releases (before and after the events);
  • Invite the key journalists for coverage and ensure the disclosure;
  • Manage press conferences;
  • Manage the Interviews for the key speakers;
  • Arrange publication of print media articles in local newspapers;
  • High-profile interviews on TV during the event;
  • Manage the media monitoring for the campaign period;
  • Organize strategic interviews on TV programs during the campaign period and for the three events;
  • Create an advertorial about the communication campaign and events and insert in 4 print media (Noticias,0  Pafs, Savana and Jornal Domingos) each at minimum;
  • Organize and manage a Photos & Video Shooting including subtitles  (English/Portuguese), Speaker (narrator) in  Portuguese,  to  be  edited  in  two  videos about  the  event:  5-minute-video and  also  a 2-minute-video;
  • Create and present the results of the public relations plan for the event.
  • Provide public relations assistance to the UNRCO as requested during the  period of contract.
  1. c) Event management:
  • Conceive and present a creative treatment  for  the  event  for  approval  after  liaising  with UNRCO’s SDG Social Mobilization Office r. It has to  be a community based activity on  the  role of civil society in implementing the SDGs and  how the  UN supports it;
  • Create and present a logistical  plan for the  event for approval;
  • Take care of preparation and management of all logistical  issues and arrangement  related to the UN interventions/events;
  • Identify suitable services providers as needed and liaise with these services providers;
  • Organize and coordinate all catering (if necessary), reception and ornamentation for each event with the selected venue;
  • Organize, train and manage Protocols to assist during the events;
  • Organize and manage all audiovisual equipment and all equipment needed for the event (sound system, projection presentation with audio, presentation alignment);
  • Organize and   coordinate   a   local  Cultural   moment   for  the   opening of  the               UN Day commemorations
  • Organize and keep notes/minutes of all event;
  • Liaise with UNRCO regarding participants, meeting chairs, speakers, facilitators etc;
  • Design and printing of all communication materials including banners, backdrops, rollups and etc;
  • Support the efficient distribution of materials that will be used at the event;
  • Design or source branded conference bags, pens, writing pads, lanyard, badge and program booklet .
  • Ensure all required staple and materials are produced and provided;

Due Date:

October 14


United Nations Development Programme
Mozambique Country Office
Av. Kenneth Kaunda 921/931
Maputo Mozambique

PR firms with extensive government experience include Weber Shandwick and Burson Marsteller.

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