United Nations Project In Seek of Marketing Agency

The United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme is the United Nations’ leading agency and the overall coordinator of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) project at the UN – and in an effort to diversify funding for UNDP and the implementation of the SDGs, they are launching a digital fundraising and engagement platform targeting individuals, called “Digital Good”.

They are seeking an agency to help build and managing the platform and help design, develop and implement the technological aspects of the platform, as well as the communications and marketing strategy which will ensure delivery on UNDP’s Fundraising and Engagement priorities.

The Digital Good platform will first be used in the United States and a small group of pilot countries. Eventually, it will scale to all UNDP Country Offices (COs). The Service Provider will produce assets that allow for rapid scaling, for integration of multicultural and multilingual support, without compromising a strong brand and a robust, user-friendly technological framework.

They seek an agency able to:

  • disseminate clear, compelling, coherent, and consistent messages to individuals worldwide in order to engage their support for UNDP’s work on SDG implementation;
  • build, maintain, and develop this community of active supporters of, and potential donors to, UNDP’s work on SDG implementation;
  • Conduct market research, audit the current UNDP communications strategy and create more effective ones;
  • increase awareness of UNDP’s brand and value proposition;
  • facilitate community engagement in order to guide target audience members from passive support to active and financial backing of UNDP’s work on the SDGs;

Create a full scale Marketing communications strategyBased on research results, adapt, refine, test and the marketing communications strategy for and with target markets and demographics, across media and channels including but not limited to: e-mail messaging (newsletters and other);digital advertising; social media messaging, integrating into existing UNDP brand and social platforms; video and more.

This is a high profile assignment.  Proposals are due by March 2nd, 2016 to: digitalgood@undp.org, attn: Simon van Woerden.

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