University of Central Arkansas Issues Lobbying RFP

University of Central Arkansas Issues Lobbying RFP

University of Central Arkansas has issued an RFP for a lobbying agency.

The successful firm will handle a range of activities including:

Work closely with the University Chief of Staff and key staff to develop a detailed strategic plan for acquiring appropriations and funding for the University of Central Arkansas.

  1. A minimum of two (2) meetings will be required. Status updates will be presented to the University on a semi-annual basis and as-needed or required throughout the term of the Contract.
  2. Identify State and Federal grant opportunities; draft funding/grant applications in collaboration with the University, which addresses specific funding needs of the University; monitor and facilitate the progress of funding/grant applications through appropriate state and federal agencies on behalf of the University, when requested.
  3. Assist the University in the preparation of appropriations requests and required sub- committee forms.
  4. Identify and aggressively act to obtain funding for the University projects.
  5. Review on a continuing basis all existing and proposed federal policies, programs, and legislation. Identify those issues that may affect the University and regularly inform the University on these matters.  Provide legislative expertise and consulting services.
  6. Review the legislative policy statements adopted by the State of Arkansas and lobbying groups for the purpose of identifying issues which may  either  positively  or  negatively affect the University.
  7. Identify other state and federal legislation of interest to the University, monitor action on these initiatives, and advocate the University’s interest when appropriate.
  8. Monitor State and Federal legislative committee meetings, agency hearings and meetings prior to and during the regular and special legislative session(s) at which specific issues with the University’s request are considered, as well as other issues that may arise that affect the University.
  9. Work with the University Chief of Staff and designated staff to develop special or general legislation in keeping with, or supportive of, the University’s requirements and agenda.
  10. Develop and evaluate strategy for the support, opposition, or amendment of pending legislation.
  11. Testify and lobby before State and Federal legislative and appropriations committees as necessary on behalf of the University, during the annual legislative session, extended, or special session(s) and at legislative committee meetings.
  12. Appear and testify before agency hearings, rule making proceedings and  other administrative agency or legislative meetings, as required, to promote, oppose, and seek passage of legislation affecting the University and specific legislation contained in the University’s request.
  13. Coordinate appointments or meetings between the University, other designated individuals, and Congressional leaders.
  14. Assist the University i n drafting any needed letters to State and Federal Congressional leaders regarding issues of interest and concern to the University of Central Arkansas.
  15. Provide written monthly updates and quarterly status reports on the firm’s achievements as they relate to the goals and objectives set forth for the University.

Due Date:

June 24 to:

University of Central Arkansas

Purchasing Department

2125 College Avenue, Suite 2

Conway, AR 72034

Burson Marsteller and APCO Worldwide have strong lobbying arms.

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