USAID Water Technologies Innovations (WIT) Issues Public Affairs RFP


The purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process is to invite vendors to submit their proposal to provide creative agency and implementation services. This document outlines the requirements necessary for a successful engagement.


Encouraging the adoption of sustained water conservation behavior in Jordan is challenging. Water supply per capita is one of the poorest in the world. With the Syrian crisis adding a dramatic population increase, and the population expected to double by 2047, meeting water demands has become more critical than ever. At current groundwater extraction levels Jordan is on track to exhaust its supply by 2060 (Mercy Corps, 2014). Yet despite such challenges there is limited encouragement in Jordan for individual acts to conserve water. The Jordanian public cites a lack of practical information about water supply and water saving solutions, amid a background of muted public and private-led commentary over water responsibility and Jordan’s water being priced at one of the cheapest rates in the world. The Government of Jordan has prioritized the availability of clean drinking water as the highest most essential priority in the Kingdom, but a balance must be made between drinking water needs and industrial and irrigation water requirements. The agricultural sector consumes almost half of the country’s water. Public and private entities are in urgent need to increase efforts; offering support services to farmers, households, and communities that encourage the implementation of water saving technologies and practices. We all agree that water needs to be better valued and used more wisely by all in Jordan, and that every stakeholder has a responsibility to protect this vital resource.

The USAID-Water Innovations Technologies (WIT) project aims to increase the amount of water conserved in Jordan by driving the adoption of known and new water savings technologies and practices. Specifically, WIT is expected to promote the adoption of water conserving practices and technologies in agriculture and the household, improve access to finance for water conservation technology adoption, and strengthen institutions to support water conservation. A multi-layered national public awareness campaign that mobilizes positive and sustained water saving behavior is needed to compliment the USAID Water Innovations Technologies (WIT) project.

Scope of Work:

The public awareness campaign will inspire positive water saving behavior change within Jordan and increased responsibility for water management. This is a solution- focused campaign that is centered on ensuring a secure water future for Jordan and motivating locally led initiative.

Services required include:

–              Design and implementation of 12-month water conservation behavioral change campaign (with potential for three-year extension)

–              On-going strategic planning and creative consultation*

–              Content creation*

–              Media placement

–              Metrics and monitoring

Due Date:

January 31, 2018


Dept W PO Box 2669

Portland, OR 97208-2669

Strong government PR firms include APCO Worldwide and Burson-Marsteller.

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