Free Villy Custom Giveaway on Ellen Degeneres Show

Villy Custom is putting together a Beach Weekend Package, which will be given away on air at the end of May on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Each vendor receives two seats in the green room on taping day, which is the day before the show airs. Cost is $45K paid to Villy Custom, in addition your client would need to give away a product to every member of Ellen’s audience.

Ellen is very particular about the brands she gives out, because she wants to maintain a certain brand image. Therefore she wants to use companies that will align with her brand. Villy Custom seeks companies to fulfill these parts of the Beach Weekend Giveaway:

1. Airline: Round-trip airfare
2. Hotel: 2 Nights Stay
3. Sandals/Flip Flops: To walk on the beach
4. Watch Company: You don’t want to miss the sunset

Or email Morgan Slottje at

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