Visit Elk Grove in California In Seek Of Sacramento PR Agency

Elk Grove

Founded in February 2015, Visit Elk Grove (VEG), a newly formed destination marketing organization that manages the Elk Grove Tourism Marketing District and is funded through self-assessment on the six hotels within the district’s borders. The California based project is looking for a PR firm – with the foremost mission of increasing overnight stays in Elk Grove through destination development and brand management.

Key Organizational Goals

  1. Generate visitor-related economic impact for the region.
  2. Foster positive relationships with our community stakeholders.
  3. Support citywide and regional economic development efforts.
  4. Regional presence, outreach, and leadership (best practices).
  5. Promote the long-term development of the destination.
  6. Create/maintain a positive brand identity for Elk Grove.

Elk Grove is a fast-growing city – with very low brand awareness. Elk Grove is a city in Sacramento County, California, located just south of the state capital of Sacramento, whose location provides easy access to two major freeways (Highway 99 and Interstate 5), the Sacramento International Airport, rail lines, and two ports.

Visit Elk Grove wishes to develop a unique, credible, and distinctive destination brand that resonates with visitors, stakeholders, and the community. To stand out in the highly competitive California travel market, Visit Elk Grove is extending an invitation to destination brand research and strategy professionals to submit proposals to conduct a comprehensive destination brand study on Elk Grove.

Specifically, the destination brand study should:

  • Solicit the feelings, perceptions, and attitudes of visitors, residents, and key business and community stakeholders toward Elk Grove as a place to live, and visit for leisure and business reasons.
  • Clearly define Visit Elk Grove’s unique and distinctive attributes that have both emotional and functional benefits to its visitors and investors.
  • Solicit a uniform understanding of Elk Grove’s positive attributes so that current proponents and future partners can create consistent messaging that is in alignment with the favorable experience that visitors, investors, and others come to the city looking to gain.
  • Define the Elk Grove experience by listening to visitors, residents, and key stakeholders, and create a community-based strategy that will allow VEG, the City, and its stakeholders to communicate its product, services and experiences more effectively by uniting around a commonly understood message.
  • Yield insights and learning that will be used to shape the RFP and creative brief for a creative brand agency to develop a new destination brand.

Proposals are due on April 22, 2016 to Budgets are estimated at $50,000-60,000.

Among others, Edelman PR & APCO Worldwide have offices in Sacramento.


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