Vista Unified School District Issues Marketing RFP

Vista Unified School District Issues Marketing RFP
Vista Unified School District Issues Marketing RFP

The District is seeking sealed proposals from qualified firms to provide promotional, branding materials and advertising services. The intent of this project is to create an integrated, results-driven marketing campaign and implementation plan focused on increasing visibility and community engagement. The primary focus is on promoting a wide variety of services available through WaveCrest Café (CNS). The District wishes to build on recent accomplishments with the WaveCrest Café brand to increase participation in the programs.


Vista Unified School District (VUSD) is a public school district of San Diego County and the California State Department of Education. The Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department provides nutrition services to 27 district school sites. CNS is seeking proposals from qualified firms for PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL SERVICES in accordance with the Statement of Work specified in this Request for Proposal (RFP). A qualified firm will have demonstrated experience and expertise in performing all aspects in Statement of Work. A qualified firm will be viable, professionally organized, well-versed in communicating in a variety of media, skilled at presenting WaveCrest Café’s brand clearly and creatively.

Scope of Work:

This Request for Proposals (RFP) outlines basic requirements for services to be provided. The District, as the client, makes no guarantee as to the number and size of projects which might be requested under this proposal. The District’s Child Nutrition Services (CNS) department will be the firm’s point of contact throughout the contract and will coordinate the professional services required of the firm and guidance with respect to public release of promotional materials. The term for the agreement will be one (1) year with an option to renew for four (4) additional one year terms if mutually agreed upon by the District and the awarded firm


  • District, community and county wide campaigns to promote awareness of WaveCrest Café brand
  • Increase student participation
  • Increase awareness of specific programs and services
  • Increase awareness and brand recognition of WaveCrest Café program


Some of the required activities/tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Weekly site visits, as needed, to promote WaveCrest Café among student and staff at Vista Unified School District
  • Participation in nutritional educational assemblies, events, class visits, blender bike promotions, photo booths, etc. held at all sites
  • Monthly newsletters sent to all students, staff and parents of Vista Unified.
    • Newsletter will consist of articles created by firm and approved by the client that focus on Vista’s nutrition service program, farm to school collaborative efforts, staff highlights, Harvest of the Month program, nutrition and wellness related grants available, new menu items, etc.
  • Creating and updating menus for paper and web edition quarterly
  • Promotion of free/reduced price meal program
  • Nutrition related templates for principals, staff, employees, etc.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Professional services required will include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising: conception, planning, design, development, production and implementation 
  • Media management: buying, placement and monitoring
  • Development of an annual marketing campaign 
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Recommendations
  • Branding
  • Staff Training materials
  • Creation of monthly newsletter
  • Conduct staff, student, parent, community surveys
  • Maintaining and actively posting on WaveCrest Café’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website
  • Custom artwork for WaveCrest Café
  • Creating and updating banners, flyers, etc. for WaveCrest Café
  • Creating visually appealing pictures of WaveCrest Café food items for use in flyers, banners, etc.
  • Working in collaboration with site level employees, principals, community, county, state and federal partners
  • Taste tests RFP# V19200035P 25
  • Focus groups
  • Meetings with parent and community groups
  • Collaboration with various college, semi-professional, and professional groups to promote nutrition awareness
  • Creation and maintenance of nutrition digital menu boards

Due Date:

June 12, 2019


Purchasing Department

Vista Unified School District

1234 Arcadia Avenue

Vista, CA 92084

Agencies with relevant experience include Kite Hill PR and Small Girls PR.

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