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Visual Revenue

Visual Revenue provides a predictive analytics solution that helps online media organizations set a better front page.

Visual Revenue Inc. is a predictive analytics solution that helps more than 40 online publishers better place their content and build a better front page with real-time recommendations.  As any front page Editor knows, choosing what content is featured and at what time is a constant battle.

This Decision Support Platform that Visual Revenue has created helps maximize the value of their content while keeping the editorial tone of the Media Organization intact.  Using the Front Page Automation Platform, Editors are provided with actionable, real-time recommendations on what content to place in what position and for how long.

Along with their standard Front Page recommendations Visual Revenue also predicts what article would do best for Virtual Front Pages (VFPs).  These VFPs are zones on an article page that include sections often coined Editor’s Picks, Must Reads and Top Stories.

What makes the platform even more credible is the fact that it was founded by formed IndexTools (now Yahoo! Web Analytics) COO Dennis R. Morentsen.  Backing him is a founding team of former industry veterans from the big data and predictive modeling world with a combined experience of over 30 years in the industry of web analytics.

Ensuring faster content placement that is more accurate and chosen with a greater level of confidence, this platform is  being used and trusted by many global Media properties such as Forbes, NBC, Fast Company and CNN Money.  If you’d like to learn more about how the Decision Support Platform works, check out this video of the Founder himself explaining this valuable new tool:

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