Vitamin Angels Issues Public Relations RFP

Vitamin Angels Issues Public Relations RFP

Vitamin Angels Issues Public Relations RFP

Vitamin Angels is seeking a qualified PR agency to assist in raising awareness for Vitamin Angels (VA) to drive donations, either directly or via our corporate partners (CPs), through the following deliverables:

  1. Outreach Strategy – Develop a strategic plan for 2018 that will generate coverage for VA; this should build on planned outreach and content strategy as well as include new ideas and recommendations for promoting Vitamin Angels’ programmatic efforts and cause-marketing relationships.
  2. Identify/Build Relationships – Identify and make introductions, helping VA build relationships with key media outlets and influencers/celebrities in an effort to secure quality media exposure and foster long-term relationships.
  3. Evaluate KPIs – Work with VA team to analyze performance, provide detailed reporting, and utilize information to optimize strategic recommendations.


TBD based on proposals for the 2018 calendar year (assume a start date of 2/1/18), but not to exceed $60k in services. Additional funds for paid media buys or incremental support may be considered based on the opportunity.


VA manages basic PR communications (press releases, advisories, trade/local media relationships, etc.) in-house. It also leverages visibility via outreach conducted by its corporate partners within the context of cause-marketing/CSR. In 2017, VA engaged a PR agency over a nine month period to increase media outreach. The relationship resulted in limited success. Currently, VA leverages paid digital media as the primary driver of individual awareness and engagement, with earned media offering added support.

va structure, audience & opportunity:

The Marketing Division is committed to building, promoting, and managing an increasingly respected, trusted and recognizable VA brand, within the U.S. and internationally, in an effort to increase engagement and conversions to ultimately serve more beneficiaries. The Marketing Division is focused on building awareness for the VA brand as follows:

Program Services:

o Telling the story of our mission and the critical impact micronutrient supplementation (vitamins) can make in the fight against malnutrition serves a twofold objective: attracting support via CPs (and their individual audiences) which drives revenue, and increasing credibility and validation, which can attract prospective field partners, allowing VA to reach a greater number of beneficiaries. Storytelling can come via:

  • Direct impact stories of our beneficiaries around the world.
  • VA’s distribution model. We rely on a vast network of qualified organizations (field partners or FPs) who receive micronutrient grants from us.
  • Technical/Academic. VA’s evidence-based approach, reach, and model continue to gain considerable recognition and credibility within this sphere. The opportunity exists to further position ourselves as an authority in global health, with a particular focus on underserved/hard to reach populations under five and pregnant/nursing women.

Revenue Stream:

o Corporate Partners (CPs): Represent VA’s primary revenue stream through a variety of promotional activation models across Retail, Brands, and Gifts-in-Kind. Currently, the majority of our CPs reside within the natural products/dietary supplements industry. Walgreens is our largest CP by donation value. Expansion into the mom/baby industry, as well as into international markets, is planned for 2018. PR initiatives that leverage CPs as a syndication channel are a priority in 2018.

o Individuals: Individuals represent a direct revenue stream via direct donations as well as participation in our CP activations (e.g. donating at the register). Additionally, by nature of their engagement with the VA brand, individuals make VA more attractive to potential corporate partners. We are refining our audience targeting but primary support comes from: Health Enthusiasts, Religious, Humanitarians, and Moms.

Vitamin Angels is currently reaching approximately 60 million children and mothers in 66 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States and Canada.

Proposals are due by January 18 to Natalie Hernandez at<>

PR firms with nonprofit experience include Weber Shandwick and Ketchum PR.

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