Washington Health In Seek of Strong Healthcare PR Agency

Washington Health In Seek of Strong Healthcare PR Agency

Washington State Department of Health has issued an RFP for an agency to complete a Public relations Plan, Rebranding Strategies and Logo Design.


The Washington State Medical Commission (Medical Commission) is a recognized national leader among the United States State Medical Boards and Commissions for trailblazing regulatory initiatives and partnerships. The Medical Commission is the largest sitting commission in the state; the third largest medical commission/board in the nation. Unfortunately, the Medical Commission is invisible to our licensees, stakeholders, and health care consumers. Medical commissions/boards throughout the United States use public relations services to achieve their goals and deliver services that enhance the medical profession and improve patient safety. Further, even those who are part of umbrella organizations have access to public relations firms, have distinct logos and unique web presences.

Scope of Work:

The Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission seeks to make the organization more recognizable to the public and to our licensees through public relations services, rebranding strategies for the organization, and a distinct logo.

Develop rebranding and media relations strategies tailored to the Medical Commission and its strategic plan. The plan elements include branding, interactive digital and media strategy, content and strategic planning, event staging strategy, market placement, and metrics to measure success.

a) Apply a holistic and systemic approach to improving Medical Commission presence nationally and internationally.
b) Consult with the Medical Commission on individual projects to design and implement effective public relations solutions in that the organization owns the process, data, and the results.
c) Focus on qualitative and quantitative data (using approaches such as assessments, surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, observations, existing documents, metrics, archives, etc.)
d) Balance the diverse needs, perspectives, and opinions of the people involved.

Ensure all rebranded items associated with the Medical Commission share a theme and complement each other so that anyone seeing the designs will know their origin without having to read the name This is a performance-based contract and must meet agreed upon criteria for deliverables. Full payment will depend on the deliverables being received on-time and approved by the Medical Commission. Late or partial completion of the deliverables will result in partial payment.

Due Date:
Proposal is due on June 19 to:

ATTN: Contracts and Procurement Manager
DOH Contracts Unit
PO Box 47905
Olympia, WA 98504-7905

Strong healthcare PR firms include Finn Partners and W2O Group.

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