Website RFP Issued By City of Maysville

Skyline of Maysville Kentucky 2007

The City of Maysville seeks to engage the services of a qualified firm or individual to provide design and content management services for two new websites that would both represent the city. One site would primarily focus on city government, and the other would focus on tourism. The City’s goal is to create websites that successfully promote our brand, facilitate a user-friendly environment for accessing municipal services, create easy communication between the City, citizens and visitors, and simplify content management while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. The new websites will serve as the public face of Maysville’s government and tourism while providing 24/7 services for a wide range of users.


The City of Maysville is a Home Rule City known for small-town hospitality and friendliness. It is run by a City Manager form of government, which includes a Mayor and four City Commissioners. The major operating departments of the City are: City Manager, Administrative Services, Public Works, Utilities, Police, Fire, Engineering, Code Enforcement, Tourism and Main Street. The City’s population is approximately 9,000, and it covers approximately 22.5 square miles. 

The current version of our website, can be viewed at

Scope of Work:

                Description of Features and Functionality Included with the CMS at a minimum include:

A.            Description of page creation

B.            Page content template information

C.            Content scheduling and versioning information

D.            The different back-end user permission levels

                Hosting and Security (describe all available)

A.            Site hosting (remote or local?)

B.            Hosting location

C.            Appropriate redundancy and scalability to avoid unexpected outages and to accommodate periodic maintenance, usage growth, and sudden usage surges

D.            Company’s commitment to operational time – or limiting of downtime

                Project Pricing Estimate/Cost for Services Outlined (specify amounts of items below):

A.            Days/hours of training, number of employees to be trained, on-site or webinar

B.            Amount of content migration (entire website or a specific number of pages)

Due Date:  October 6, 2021


City of Maysville

Attn: Matt Wallingford

216 Bridge Street

Maysville, KY  41056

Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Finn Partners.

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