Wood Buffalo Economic Department Issues Branding RFP

Wood Buffalo Economic Department Issues Branding RFP
Wood Buffalo Economic Department Issues Branding RFP

Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation (WBEDC) requires the following services: the finalization of a place brand strategy for the Wood Buffalo region coupled with the creative strategy and execution. In addition, branding is needed for the WBEDC Corporate Brand along with a consumer-oriented Tourism Brand in alignment with the newly developed place brand.  WBEDC was incorporated by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) in Autumn 2018 as the new economic development organization for the region. Governed separately by an independent Board of Directors, WBEDC is responsible for growing and promoting investment into the region, supporting the growth of startups and existing businesses in the region, and generating tourism and visitation to the region. WBEDC’s focus is on bringing new wealth into the region, measured as economic impact.

Scope of Work:

To foster a more accurate, contemporary and positive image of the region, WBEDC is championing the development of the regions first place branding initiative. To date, WBEDC has undertaken the most important step in the process which is research and community engagement. Spending time on the research leads to an authentic and unique place brand that will build a strong competitive identity and unique sense of place. Therefore, the foundation of the Place Brand has been formed and we are at the stage of finalizing the strategy. An important note is that the place brand is an overarching community place brand to act as an umbrella for all place identity efforts.

Due Date:

March 9th, 2020


Haley, Andrea

Director, Brand & Corporate Services

9909 Franklin Avenue

Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 2K4

Tel: 780-799-5820

Email: Andrea@choosewoodbuffalo.ca

Relevant agencies include KCSA PR and Small Girls PR.

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