WorkSimple Personal Edition Enhances PR Professional Development


WorkSimple is the new way to drive performance.

WorkSimple is adding a new Personal Edition component to their social performance platform, helping individuals, teams, and large organizations share social goals, and get feedback.

The Personal Edition, currently in limited release, helps professionals manage performance and utilize the platforms social networking features to enhance professional relationships. WorkSimple’s Personal Edition allows working professionals from various backgrounds, including PR practitioners, to manage and showcase their tasks through a visual storyboard of goals, accomplishments, endorsements, and more.

Through WorkSimple’s Personal Edition, professionals create goals or milestones they want to achieve on a monthly basis. Other WorkSimple users like one’ Senior Account Executive, co-workers and managers, can offer real-time feedback, endorsements, and even “likes” regarding progress. Users can also keep track of all their goals — as well as show off their PR accomplishments — through reports, which can be generated at any time.

PR professionals can also use analytics on the Personal Edition to see who’s viewing their work and who’s giving them feedback. They can also showcase their achievements through LinkedIn and Twitter. This can be particularly useful when a professional leaves an agency to look for business opportunities elsewhere. The combination of all of these features can help professionals build their professional brand in the PR industry and shape her as a solid practitioner.

Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple explains the platform’s advantages:

“Public relations, like many other professions, can be hard to translate to the everyday person if they’re not in the industry themselves. More than that, though, having a visual portfolio that goes beyond a standard resume can help PR professionals show what they’ve developed, what they’re working on, and ultimately share their complete professional story with others.”

Ben Moore, co-founder and CTO of WorkSimple adds:

“Many in the PR space face the challenge of not only showcasing what they’ve done, but also how they got there and what results were produced, whether it’s a press release, social networking efforts, or a blog post. WorkSimple’s Personal Edition allows anyone in the PR space to translate these achievements to a visual portfolio of goals, feedback, endorsements, and accomplishments, helping them get the recognition they deserve. This is something traditional portfolio platforms just don’t do.”

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