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The 5W PR CEO and Founder of the Ronn Torossian Foundation, Ronn Torossian is a lifelong New Yorker. A top PR Executive and author of best selling PR Book 'For Immediate Release'.

Ronn is frequently featured in the media by top publications such as; Fox News, CBS, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wired Insights and more.

You can contact Ronn Torossian or 5W Public Relations by emailing him at RTorossian [at] 5WPR [dot] com

Guerilla Marketing in your Pocket

ronn torossian guerilla marketing

  – Ronn Torossian discusses the limitless potential smartphone’s present in creating effective serendipitous marketing moments – Your smartphone is an almost limitless personal brand marketing tool. If you are one of the infinitesimally small percentage of people actually getting the most out of your smartphone, congratulations. But if you are not actively using your smartphone to make […]

Public Relations Acts as a Slingshot for Startups

public relations startups

  -Learn how using a strong Public Relations plan from the begginning, can help slingshot your startup in this guide by 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian- The use of public relations can mean the difference between a failing business and one that catapults to success. Public relations is the spread of information from your business to […]

5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian on March Madness and Market Advantage

5wpr ceo ronn torossian march madness

The annual bacchanal of basketball we call March Madness is about to begin. This celebration of college hoops is not only a major distraction for much of America, but it is also a major money maker and a huge opportunity for schools at every level to make an impact. There are many ways in which […]

The Best Business Strategy You Will Ever Learn

Ronn Torossian The Best Business Strategy You Will Ever Learn

Business has a lot of moving parts. To be successful, you need to have them all lined up right and working properly without any kinks in the process. All that machinery – metaphorical and otherwise – can feel so complicated it seems to need constant babysitting. But, in management, there are simpler – and vastly […]

What Mark Cuban’s Smartphone Can Teach You About Success

mark cuban cell phone

Recently, a reporter asked billionaire Mark Cuban a simple question that revealed quite a bit about both Cuban’s personality as well as offering some insight into the secrets of his success. That question? What apps do you have on your phone? Now, you might think a guy who has to monitor a massive amount of […]

Brian Williams gets a “Crash” Course in PR

brian williams public relations

Unless you never listen to the news and avoid social media like telemarketers, then you know veteran news anchor Brian Williams got himself in a bit of a bind recently. After telling a story, on the air, about being rescued after his helicopter was shot down in Iraq, Williams was outed by, among others the […]

The Marshawn Lynch Conundrum

The Marshawn Lynch Conundrum

  5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian discusses the ‘Marshawn Lynch Conundrum’, one dayremoved from the Super Bowl and official end of the NFL Season. Last week, in advance of Super Bowl Sunday, Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch was up to his old tricks. He is constantly and persistently doing whatever he can to avoid talking to […]

Chocolate wars Create Rage on two Continents

ronn torossian choclate wars

If there is anything that might get otherwise congenial people fighting, it’s probably taking their chocolate. But that’s what is happening in some markets, and it has chocoholics all but rioting in the streets. Ronn Torossian explains the conflict, and explores the PR consequences of fighting the chocolate wars. Currently, US chocolate heavyweight Hershey is […]

Using Public Relations to Help Build your Brand

brand building ronn torossian

There are many important factors which allow companies to use public relations to build their brand. Using every bit of information to their advantage is the responsibility of any public relations professionals who is trying to make sure that the company reaches the next level. This means that research is necessary into every area of […]