Promoting Beauty Products on Social Media


Social media and the beauty industry go together like lipstick and mascara. Together, attention grabbing, intriguing and virtually unstoppable. Promoting beauty products online can effectively harness the share power that social media platforms provide in order to successfully market, create product awareness and to highlight the best features and benefits of make-up and other beauty […]

Creating a Personal Brand in the Financial Industry


The importance of creating a personal brand for your company in the financial industry cannot be overstated. More than ever, people distrust big faceless corporations, and creating a unique personal brand can help overcome that. By creating a brand persona, you are in a sense creating a person that will make your clients and customers […]

Hyper Targeted Advertising Prank Leads to Broader Conversation


Facebook’s advertising practices have sometimes come under scrutiny for being too targeted to their intended demographics and for collecting too much user information to craft the ads. A few months ago, 27 year old marketer Brian Swichkow played a prank on his roommate to prove a point about Facebook’s data collection practices and to help […]

Kirk Chewning on how to Use Social Media Effectively in the Finance Industry


Using social media platforms for business is a great idea for any professional. Making friends, spreading content and relaying industry information is a part of creating a fantastic network. Focusing on effective techniques that make social media worth your time and energy are what you need to make an impact. Here’s what Cane Bay Partners has […]

Brandwatch Unleashes Twitter Hindsight

Twitter Hindsight

Brandwatch, the UK company that offers maybe the most intuitive social monitoring tech anywhere, has just released a full historical Twitter data feature. That’s right, Brandwatch users can now peek back into the first ever Tweets from 2006 with Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight.

Facebook Organic Reach at All Time Low

Facebook Pages organic reach at all time low.

Many Facebook business page managers noticed a significant decline in organic reach in the past few months. The situation is frustrating for business owners counting on Facebook to reach their consumers, but for Facebook, the focus seems to be more on the types of content that bring more value for the fans. Page managers are […]

Who Is Winning the Ukraine Social Media Wars?

Putin winning on Twitter

Monitoring and commenting on an unraveling US policy toward Russia over Ukraine today, I decided to show those interested some interesting strategies even the US State Department has not come up with. Even western mainstream media hammering away, even though thousands of US government employees have been tasked with rolling out Obama administration propaganda, the mention battle for Ukraine on Twitter is all but lost for John Kerry’s minions.

Infographic Shows: Women Power Social Media

Woman winking

There’s an old saying, I believe it was Robert Frost who coined it; “Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.” To say that women are really in control in our world is not fallacy, and the same holds true in the communicative sense in social media. The inforgraphic below pretty much illustrates what power women exert in our digital, wired, and oh so technological media. Check out what you already probably knew.

What do 5 Social Media Influencers have to say on Twitter?

Five Social Media Influencers

Twitter demands a unique way to communicate because of its character limit. Restricting the number of characters demands a tweet to be creative, informative, and present itself as “read-worthy”; especially given the sheer volume of other social media posts contending for attention. An interesting aspect about Twitter as a whole is the methods for retweeting. Twitter’s requires that one communicate agreement or disagreement with someone else’s content within the assigned character limits.