Top Five Ukraine Stories a Western Mainstream Media “Failed”


If you live to the west of Russia’s borders, what you see and hear from embattled Ukraine is not the whole story. And without the whole story, your version of truth turns out to be a lie. Below are some graphic stories that are necessary to share, if only to show the Donetsk independence movement side of a civil war brought on by major powers’ failure to compromise. Kiev’s new government has apparently been given a credit card to invoke a genocide of collateral damage

Who Is Winning the Ukraine Social Media Wars?

Putin winning on Twitter

Monitoring and commenting on an unraveling US policy toward Russia over Ukraine today, I decided to show those interested some interesting strategies even the US State Department has not come up with. Even western mainstream media hammering away, even though thousands of US government employees have been tasked with rolling out Obama administration propaganda, the mention battle for Ukraine on Twitter is all but lost for John Kerry’s minions.

#COFFEESOFHOPE – A Charitable First, Thirsting for You

From the Classroom of Hope FB profile

Facebook campaigning and outreach is no new topic, but a charitable organization called Classroom of Hope has just reinvented FB fund-raising. With a goal of impacting poverty on a massive scale, Classroom of Hope launched a Facebook app all non-profits should emulate.

What do 5 Social Media Influencers have to say on Twitter?

Five Social Media Influencers

Twitter demands a unique way to communicate because of its character limit. Restricting the number of characters demands a tweet to be creative, informative, and present itself as “read-worthy”; especially given the sheer volume of other social media posts contending for attention. An interesting aspect about Twitter as a whole is the methods for retweeting. Twitter’s requires that one communicate agreement or disagreement with someone else’s content within the assigned character limits.

How to Use Pinterest When You’re Not a Visually Oriented Brand


Sure, Pinterest works for clothing brands and other retailers—but what about auto parts companies, repair shops, or metal fabrication brands? Are there ways that visually oriented Pinterest can be useful to non-visually oriented brands? To help answer those questions, let’s take a look at four ways to use Pinterest, even when what you sell falls […]

Vocus UK Announces New Educational Webinar Series with Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

Vocus, a leading provider of cloud based marketing and PR solutions, announced today the latest in a series of informative webinars. This latest educational seminar, “Twitter: It’s Not Just About Cheese Sandwiches,” will feature socal media guru Mark Shaw on Feb. 18, 2014 at 3 p.m. GMT.

MWW Tracks “What Mattered More” Via President Obama’s #SOTU


MWW, one of the world’s most influential PR agencies, has run an analysis of the social media conversation surrounding the State of the Union speech by President Obama last night. The analysis tracked online conversation volume and sentiment across several social media platforms in an effort to better understand the American people’s sentiment over the speech.

Happy 2014: Social Media Lessons from 2013

Connect 2014

Social Media has become an inextricable part of our culture, for better or worse. One thing is for certain: every one of us learned something from social media this past year, whether it was how to spread the word about important issues or how to safeguard our personal data.

How to Find the Right Blogs to Promote Your Products


Interested in collaborating with bloggers but unsure where to start? You’re not alone. An increasing number of business owners are recognizing the value of tapping into blogger audiences: According to one Sydney Morning Herald article, sending free products to about 40 bloggers helped entrepreneur Tram Tran increase revenue by 50 percent each month. Over at […]