Brandwatch Unleashes Twitter Hindsight

Twitter Hindsight

Brandwatch, the UK company that offers maybe the most intuitive social monitoring tech anywhere, has just released a full historical Twitter data feature. That’s right, Brandwatch users can now peek back into the first ever Tweets from 2006 with Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight.

Who Is Winning the Ukraine Social Media Wars?

Putin winning on Twitter

Monitoring and commenting on an unraveling US policy toward Russia over Ukraine today, I decided to show those interested some interesting strategies even the US State Department has not come up with. Even western mainstream media hammering away, even though thousands of US government employees have been tasked with rolling out Obama administration propaganda, the mention battle for Ukraine on Twitter is all but lost for John Kerry’s minions.

Infographic Shows: Women Power Social Media

Woman winking

There’s an old saying, I believe it was Robert Frost who coined it; “Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.” To say that women are really in control in our world is not fallacy, and the same holds true in the communicative sense in social media. The inforgraphic below pretty much illustrates what power women exert in our digital, wired, and oh so technological media. Check out what you already probably knew.

What do 5 Social Media Influencers have to say on Twitter?

Five Social Media Influencers

Twitter demands a unique way to communicate because of its character limit. Restricting the number of characters demands a tweet to be creative, informative, and present itself as “read-worthy”; especially given the sheer volume of other social media posts contending for attention. An interesting aspect about Twitter as a whole is the methods for retweeting. Twitter’s requires that one communicate agreement or disagreement with someone else’s content within the assigned character limits.

ReviewPro & How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations


Coming up Tuesday, January 28th, ReviewPro presents their latest in a series of webinars aimed at helping hotels sort out digital convergence and sales channels. This installment will offer help for hoteliers to adapt to and leverage social media to their benefit.

Happy 2014: Social Media Lessons from 2013

Connect 2014

Social Media has become an inextricable part of our culture, for better or worse. One thing is for certain: every one of us learned something from social media this past year, whether it was how to spread the word about important issues or how to safeguard our personal data.

2014 Sexiest Social Media and PR Studs

pete cashmore

Who said that only women deserve to be celebrated for their looks? These 10 communicators deserve praise and accolades for their fashion styles, charm, and charisma, as much as they deserve for their smarts.

How to promote your business’ blog on social media


Blogs are being posted all over the internet every second of the day and there are countless amounts of them just waiting to be read. With so much competition, it can seem like an impossible task to try and get your business blog to stand out.