The Best Jewelry Public Relations Campaigns Ever

De Beers Jewelry

Jewelry is something everyone admires – here are some of the best marketing campaigns ever done for jewelry companies. De Beers Jewelry – A diamond is forever. This is the slogan of De Beers Jewelry, a company that has had an incredible impact on the consumer psyche since 1947. This was the year that De […]

Crafting a PR Campaign for a Startup Company

public relations for startups

There are many important facets to a successful public relations campaigns for startup companies. One of the most important things to remember is that there is only one opportunity to make the first impression that but Timex with the audience. Therefore research must be done in order to establish which things the target demographic will […]

Buying a Home with an LLC Avoids Publicity

real estate

There are a number of reasons for forming LLCs. Some are about protecting assets and keeping them separate. In most states, forming an LLC is relatively easy. You fill out a form, file it with the State (usually the Secretary of State’s office), pay the fee and renew the paperwork and fees every year. It […]

Why you Need to Diversfy your Brands Digital Campaign

brand campaigns

There’s a reason that diversification is a sound practice in many areas including your investing and your marketing. When it comes to diversification, you want to make sure that all your efforts are not focused on only one item or group. Here are several suggestions to make sure your online efforts will be effective in […]

How to Build a Great Dental PR Brand

Dental PR everything-pr

Before you start building your brand, you need to recognize that a brand is not just your logo or a catchy slogan. Your brand is what makes your business unique from other dental practices in your area. Your brand starts with you. So when deciding what your brand is, look at yourself first. What are […]

Why the Selfie Stick is the Millennial’s Favorite Toy

selfie stick obama

The Selfie Stick: A Consumer PR Dream Because taking a picture is now easier than ever with a selfie stick, the practice has become a hobby for virtually every Millennial who is “in the know.” Being able to snap and share almost instantly to a social media profile is making the selfie stick a staple […]