Marketing 2.0: What Does This Mean for PR Professionals?

marketing 2.0

Working in public relations as a PR specialist requires the innate ability to showcase brands while promoting companies in a positive light. Understanding marketing 2.0 and how to effectively move forward with new tactics and methods is a way to outshine competitors while making a professional name for yourself within the industry. Understanding Digital Analytics […]

Guerilla Marketing in your Pocket

ronn torossian guerilla marketing

  – Ronn Torossian discusses the limitless potential smartphone’s present in creating effective serendipitous marketing moments – Your smartphone is an almost limitless personal brand marketing tool. If you are one of the infinitesimally small percentage of people actually getting the most out of your smartphone, congratulations. But if you are not actively using your smartphone to make […]

SXSW: Why You Should Be Paying Attention


The SXSW event has not only been creating some buzz for brands, musicians and entertainment in Austin, but also across the country. The interaction with consumers and fans at this event can make memories that stick in their minds for years to come. Upcoming Trends In the past there have been many viral videos and […]

How to Find the Right Public Relations Team for your Restaurant

restaurant pr

Hiring the right public relations team to promote your new restaurant can bring in new customers and keep them coming back by providing advertising, branding and a clear social media strategy. There are many benefits to hiring a public relations firm including: Media outreach Without a public relations team, chefs and managers are often left […]

Public Relations Acts as a Slingshot for Startups

public relations startups

  -Learn how using a strong Public Relations plan from the begginning, can help slingshot your startup in this guide by 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian- The use of public relations can mean the difference between a failing business and one that catapults to success. Public relations is the spread of information from your business to […]

Become An Authority in Your Industry with Thought Leadership

thought leadership public relations

Thought leadership has become more important to a company’s survival than ever with the proliferation of Internet-based interactions. At the executive level, thought leadership is crucial to establishing a company as an industry leader and the company’s command staff as people with new and innovative ideas. However, many CEOs ignore or disregard the importance of […]

Good Content: How to Write for People and for Bots


Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the following predicament at least once: You thought you were on a stellar website with pertinent information, only to find that the copy sounded as though it was sputtered out by a machine and not a real person. While this content might work well for an audience composed of […]

Communication in the Real Estate Industry


The real estate market has always had highs and lows throughout the years. Real estate agents can experience real pressure when trying to buy or sell real estate. One of the ways that can help a real estate agent is to have a strong communications plan in place. A strong communications plan begins with accessibility. […]

100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR in 2015


Although there are hundreds of media monitoring tools available online, some are very hard to find. We put together a collection of 100 such sources (software, applications and service providers), some free, some that require a fee – for all PR and communications professionals to use in 2015. When it comes to media monitoring and […]

Why Companies Should Communicate their Financial Successes

jonah engler on communicating success

Jonah Engler breaks down why it’s important that companies effectively communicate their financial success. What is that saying about everybody and loving winners? Of course, it is a good idea to share your successes, financial and otherwise, with your community and beyond. But what are the specific reasons for sharing your financial successes? In part […]