Taming Mobilegeddon – Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update

Taming Mobilegeddon

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, which has been dubbed the “Mobilegeddon,” descended upon the web on April 21. The Mobilegeddon demotes sites that are deemed not mobile-friendly in searches performed on mobile devices. Below are some tips to ensure your website is up to Google’s standards for mobile devices. We will also introduce several tools that […]

4 Worst PR Ideas Ever


No they didn’t. It is a sentence repeated over and over amongst public relations professionals – especially in 2014 – with week after week of the speed chase to be the first on news and social media outlets. And then, there was the obsessive need to send out a “viral” hashtag to a target audience […]

Future of YouTube and its Advertising Model

youtube ad model

YouTube is undoubtedly moving into a more advertising-oriented model. However, the basis of their advertising may be eroding. The company is in the enviable position of being the site that most people associate with high-quality video on the internet. The sheer profitability of their position is the reason why their stream has gradually become choked […]

Prevent Your CEO from Being Blind-Sided in an Interview

marketing 2.0

Your CEO is too busy to keep up with all the social media buzz going around today. He or she is focused on leading your company into larger profits and a brighter future. But the CEO must always be ready to answer interview questions on the latest events. As a public relations specialist, it is […]

Understanding Google’s Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

google mobile algorithm

Come April 21, 2015, megalithic search engine Google will divide the HTTP world into the Haves and the Have Nots, into those that are mobile-friendly and those that are not. There is no spectrum of mobile-friendliness. In an effort to woo the 60 percent of its traffic that search by smartphone, tablet and “phablet,” Google […]

Marketing 2.0: What Does This Mean for PR Professionals?

marketing 2.0

Working in public relations as a PR specialist requires the innate ability to showcase brands while promoting companies in a positive light. Understanding marketing 2.0 and how to effectively move forward with new tactics and methods is a way to outshine competitors while making a professional name for yourself within the industry. Understanding Digital Analytics […]

Guerilla Marketing in your Pocket

ronn torossian guerilla marketing

  – Ronn Torossian discusses the limitless potential smartphone’s present in creating effective serendipitous marketing moments – Your smartphone is an almost limitless personal brand marketing tool. If you are one of the infinitesimally small percentage of people actually getting the most out of your smartphone, congratulations. But if you are not actively using your smartphone to make […]

SXSW: Why You Should Be Paying Attention


The SXSW event has not only been creating some buzz for brands, musicians and entertainment in Austin, but also across the country. The interaction with consumers and fans at this event can make memories that stick in their minds for years to come. Upcoming Trends In the past there have been many viral videos and […]

How to Find the Right Public Relations Team for your Restaurant

restaurant pr

Hiring the right public relations team to promote your new restaurant can bring in new customers and keep them coming back by providing advertising, branding and a clear social media strategy. There are many benefits to hiring a public relations firm including: Media outreach Without a public relations team, chefs and managers are often left […]

Public Relations Acts as a Slingshot for Startups

public relations startups

  -Learn how using a strong Public Relations plan from the begginning, can help slingshot your startup in this guide by 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian- The use of public relations can mean the difference between a failing business and one that catapults to success. Public relations is the spread of information from your business to […]