New York & New Jersey PR & Marketing Opportunities Available

Troy Cultural Alliance

Two opportunities which Everything-PR readers may be interested in: The Troy Cultural Alliance (TCA), an association of Troy, New York’s cultural organizations, seeks a partner to design a marketing and communications plan to help promote Troy as a cultural destination. In early 2014 a group of Troy’s cultural organizations joined together to strategize ways to […]

Public Relations: A Key Marketing Component

key emoji

To understand the important role PR plays within the mix of your marketing efforts, you should learn how effective an image can be for your consumers, their prized product(s) or their favorite services. General impressions and reputations have an influential power over people, so you should take measures to preserve your business’ image. It affects […]

Louisiana Marketing & Digital Agency Sought

River Center

The Baton Rouge River Center, a municipally-owned multipurpose facility located in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana is looking to hire a marketing agency and to rebuild their online presence for their website – The facility was completed in 1977 and has grown to include over 200,000 ft2 of floor space distributed among multiple venues: Arena, […]

Public Relations Helps Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response marketing convinces possible consumers to take action. This can range from placing an order, calling in for additional information, or following a link to a webpage. Direct response marketing has many positive characteristics. For one, ad effectiveness is measurable because sales correspond to trackable media. Additionally, the sales copy used is often some […]

How to Get Big PR Reach on a Small Budget

Small Budget

Great public relations expertise can turn even the smallest upstart into a media sensation. So big and small businesses alike hire PR experts to guide them through the market. With the demand for PR expertise climbing, prices can climb too. Still, hope remains for entrepreneurs and small businesses needing PR help getting ahead of the […]

4 Great E-mail Ecommerce PR Campaigns


Ecommerce is about selling online, but you can do sales in a helpful way leaving consumers with a smile on their face and even gratitude for the products offered. When done right, you might find your company name or your client’s company name on a list similar to the following. Petflow Petflow has a strong […]

Visa PR vs. Master Card PR

Visa Mastercard

Cash takes a backseat in most modern economies, while credit and debit cards move to the forefront.  And two of the best credit cards are Visa and MasterCard – and both card companies capitalize on PR skills to differentiate themselves. Similarities in Marketing Though Visa and MasterCard rival each other in the market, the two […]

Philadelphia Seeking Marketing For Economic Development

Roxborough Development Corporation

The Roxborough Development Corporation (RDC) – an economic development corporation in Northwest Philadelphia – is seeking a creative marketing firm to develop a new identity and brand for the Roxborough neighborhood. The firm will also create a newly developed website as a tool for the brand to communicate Roxborough’s appeal. The brand must be able […]

Athletic Companies and Their PR Campaigns

Athletic Companies

Athletics marketing is as competitive as the consumers using the products. As a result, companies need to find new ways to rebrand and reinvent themselves to consumers. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are three of the biggest companies in the industry, and each has come up with new campaigns appealing to consumers. What’s their marketing […]

How do the Biggest Flower Companies Use PR & Marketing

Flower PR Firm

The simplicity of the digital commerce makes the flower business bigger than ever. Flower companies can now offer hundreds of options to their customers with the click of a few buttons. With so many companies to choose from it’s no wonder the PR and marketing strategy surrounding these businesses is so crucial to their success and […]