Eight of the Top Men’s Products Influencers

Eight of the Top Men’s Products Influencers

Eight leaders in men’s product influencers… an area 5WPR is working extensively in. Expert Vagabond  — Travel and photography Expert Vagabond, aka, Matthew Karsten is a blogger and travel photographer, who has spent the last six years working to inspire others with beautiful images and entertaining stories that he gathers during his worldwide wild adventures. Much […]

Top Notch For Reaching Super-Rich: Bespoke Luxury Marketing

Bespoke Luxury Marketing

If you aren’t familiar with the word “Bespoke,” it’s origins are from the middle ages when royalty and those with power and money would order custom-made clothing, they would start with the cloth and order it, paying for it in advance, making the cloth spoken for … or “bespoke.” Now you know the word, there’s […]

5 of 2017’s Best Content Brands

5 of 2017's Best Content Brands

NewsCred# started a new list this year of the 50 best content market brands, calling it #ThinkContent. From that list, we picked five brands to highlight and share.  For the full 50, take a look here. The full list covered 10 categories; we’ve chosen one each from five of those categories.

The Importance of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing - public relations

As confidence in traditional advertising tactics continues to plummet, consumers are searching for new ways to find quality products. Now is the best time for companies to focus on influencer marketing. Influencers in advertising are people who have earned the trust of thousands by way of strong online or in-person presence. They are not always […]

The PR of Best of the Best Dog Show

The PR of Best of the Best Dog Show

The annual Westminster Kennel Club shows happen the second week in February – beginning on February 11 (Saturday) and continuing on through February 13-14. All eight events and sessions are televised onFox Sports (Fox Sports GO and FS1) and Nat Geo WILD. Pulling all of that off takes a roomful of experts, judges, analysts, reporters, […]

FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

FlatRate Moving: Genius Marketers

For over 25 years, FlatRate Moving has been running high-caliber moves for people all around the world. Be it local or long distance, urgent or gradual, each move under FlatRate’s care s a straightforward and well-planned task. From top to bottom, Flatrate excels in getting your goods where they need to go and when they […]

Kim K Goes Back to What Made Her Famous

Kim K goes back to what made her famous

As a fashion statement, nudity has a long somewhat maligned history. It’s become cliche for celebs whose stars have dimmed a bit to bare a bit more in order to get back into the national conversation. But, in some cases, fame came because of showing some skin. In that case, maybe giving the audience a […]