The Art of Targeting Niche Groups With PR & Marketing

Niche Groups

Recently, many public figures learned the importance of customizing messages for specific target groups. Business people and celebrities do this with ads and in songs and movies. Politicians do this to broaden the reach of their campaigns, as they begin to notice that majority rules, but minorities carry weight. Thus, winning the favor of niche […]

Memphis Police to Launch Marketing Campaign

Memphis Police

The Memphis Police Department is searching for a firm to assist them with a marketing campaign in order to increase recruitment to the city’s finest.   The RFP seems to seek a kindler, gentler, smarter recruiter – instead of focusing on brute strength.  They seek “qualified applicants who are centered with honesty, loyalty, pride, respect, strength, […]

San Mateo, California Seeks a PR & Marketing Agency

San Mateo County Human Services Agency

The San Mateo County Human Services Agency (HSA) seeks a marketing and communications firm to provide information to “existing and potential Agency clients, existing and potential partners, community agencies, and the general public.”  This government office provides Federal, State and local programs under a number of separate offices, including Children & Family Services (CFS), Economic […]

7 PR Firms Who Tackle PPC in 2015

Pay Per Click everything-pr

There are some PR firms who prefer to buy space on Google rather than appearing on Search Engine’s organically – utilizing Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) – and while its SURE that they don’t know the digital media world if they are communications companies buying space, here’s a few of them: INK Public Relations Co-founded by […]

Rogers & Cowan Fails At High-Level Communications

Rogers & Cowan everything-pr

It is amateur hour at Rogers & Cowan, the entertainment PR conglomerate that named a new CEO, Mark Owens today.  Why is it amateur hour? Because when someone gets a new job as the head of a company which is described as “a leading public relations and marketing communications agency”, they should cover at the […]

Hero Group Inc, Joseph Anthony, Chief Hero

Hero Group Inc, Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony acknowledged something basic early in his marketing career; “the generation that follows mine are consumers.” To Mr. Anthony it did not matter if they were thought of as narcissistic and lazy, or do-gooders, he drilled down to the essential truths upon which they made their buying decisions. Once these truths were uncovered, his […]

SMT PR: How To Do A Satellite Media Tour

SMT Satelite Media Tour

Satellite Media Tours, also known as SMTs, are becoming increasingly popular among businesses because they’re cost-effective and relay messages to various media sources. An SMT is a series of interviews spread out over the course of a number of hours, yet conducted generally from the same location. They generally involve the spokesperson of your company […]