Five Low-Budget Marketing Tactics

Five Low-Budget Marketing tactics

A tight marketing budget doesn’t have to stall your marketing ambitions. All you need is a bit of imagination and creativity in your approach. Many business owners without a well-built marketing team aren’t natural marketers – they jump from one marketing tactic to another without assessing their efforts will result in higher sales. If this […]

8 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

9 Common Traits of Successful Chief Marketing Officers 

Being a Chief Marketing Officer is one thing but being a successful Chief Marketing Officer is another thing. Successful and effective CMOs are impressive people who know how to lead their team in the right direction. Are you on the path to becoming CMO in your company? Or do you want to improve yourself as […]

Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

Twitter Boosts Responsibility Profile by Targeting Political Bots

In recent months, and in response to massive consumer and political pressure, social media companies have been clearing the decks, deleting bad actors and “fake” accounts while also limiting the accounts of provocateurs. Facebook has deleted millions of accounts, gaining consistent headlines. Not to be outdone, Twitter recently suspended a network of accounts accused of […]

The Cajon Valley Union School District

Cajon Valley Union School District

MARKETING SERVICES Purpose: The District is soliciting proposals for marketing services to publicize and strengthen the brand of the District as well as its individual schools and special programs. Specifically, the goal is to increase student enrollment at schools with room for growth by attracting students to enroll from surrounding areas as well as enrolling […]

Marketing and the Weather

marketing and the weather

Can your product or brand marketing be influenced by the weather? It’s something to consider. Weather impacts product sales for things like cold or hot foods, big pharma – think of allergies, colds, coughs, flu, and even seasonal depression, clothing, accessories such as hats, umbrellas, and the like, protective gear from wildfires – and various […]

How to Use Google Analytics Behavior Flow

Google Analytics Behavior Flow

Google analytic behavior flow is all about how your website is working (or not) when you have visitors to the site. You may feel the website is easy to use, but this tool helps you know for certain … or will let you see where there are bumps in the internet roadway of your site. […]

Top Trends in Paid and Earned Media

Top Trends in Paid and Earned Media

It should be no surprise to anyone with their eye on social media, public relations, and marketing that if you aren’t digital, you’re nowhere. Current estimates are now that more than 50% of the people access the internet using their mobile phone and about 43% do so using laptop or desktop devices. So the top […]

Profile of 360i Digital Marketing Agency

360i digital agency

360i is a digital marketing company based in New York City and was founded in 1998 by David Williams and Bryan Kujawski in Atlanta. The company is owned by the Dentsu Aegis Network. 360i Leadership, Clients, and Accolades Sarah Hofstetter is the CEO and has been with the company since 2005 when she began as […]

Influencer Marketing in the Tech Industry

Influencer Marketing in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is also turning to influencers with large social media followings. Those same influencers bring expertise when representing a brand so they can push the newest technologies with better understanding and information about how products will work for the consumer. In the tech world, finding the right influencer is not about looking for […]