4 Tips for Hosting Better Meetings

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Do you have a meeting you need to schedule and manage? Here are four tips to making sure you and everyone else gets the most from attending. Setting The physical setting and atmosphere will differ depending on what you want to accomplish in your meeting, how long you expect it to last, and who will […]

Delta PR Machine pushing back against bag fee lawsuit

Delta Baggage Fee PR

Now an airline is catching heat on a federal level. Delta Air Lines was recently in federal court, where a judge ordered the company to cough up $2.7 million for failing to produce information in a lawsuit related to baggage fees. This order was ON TOP OF another $4.8 million in penalties previously handed down. […]

Vladimir Putin is a Marketing Genius

Vladimir Putin Marketin

The status of Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s genius is always up for debate and this is especially true in the States. The post-Soviet president is bold and ambitious – and tremendously savvy. Vladimir Putin’s a genius on positioning and marketing himself. The President’s image is as important to him as it is for any political […]

5 Marketing Tips To Make More Money

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The year of 2015 is slowly approaching its end, so we want to ensure you make it profitable while it lasts. Below, you’ll find ways of making more money from your marketing campaigns in the month of September. Get Publicity Publicity in today’s environment seems like a dying art form. Technology and general access have […]

SeaWorld Still Struggling to Move Beyond Blackfish

Seaworld Public Relaitons

Ever since the documentary Blackfish was released to the masses, SeaWorld has been faced with a major international Public Relations crisis. Despite an aggressive PR campaign of their own, recent attendance numbers illustrate this problem is far from over. The company experienced yet another decline in attendance in the most recent quarter. Smelling blood in […]

Measuring PR: It’s Not That Easy

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The saying goes, “there a statistic for everything.” Case in point, a recent article was published on the Washington Redskins website and it showed that 58.1 million people read an article they posted. Oh wait, they really think that 7.8 billion unique visitors saw the article. Both of those numbers are a bit hard to […]

The Best Jewelry Public Relations Campaigns Ever

De Beers Jewelry

Jewelry is something everyone admires – here are some of the best marketing campaigns ever done for jewelry companies. De Beers Jewelry – A diamond is forever. This is the slogan of De Beers Jewelry, a company that has had an incredible impact on the consumer psyche since 1947. This was the year that De […]

Crafting a PR Campaign for a Startup Company

public relations for startups

There are many important facets to a successful public relations campaigns for startup companies. One of the most important things to remember is that there is only one opportunity to make the first impression that but Timex with the audience. Therefore research must be done in order to establish which things the target demographic will […]

Buying a Home with an LLC Avoids Publicity

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There are a number of reasons for forming LLCs. Some are about protecting assets and keeping them separate. In most states, forming an LLC is relatively easy. You fill out a form, file it with the State (usually the Secretary of State’s office), pay the fee and renew the paperwork and fees every year. It […]