Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority Issues Marketing RFP

Southern Group of State Foresters’ Forest Management Committee Issues Public Relations RFP

The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) has issued a marketing RFP. The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) began operations in the region on July 1, 2006. NAIPTA is the transit agency in northern Arizona operating the Mountain Line, Mountain Lift, and Mountain Link systems in Flagstaff. NAIPTA also coordinates services with Campus Shuttle Service at Northern Arizona University. The Mountain Line and Mountain Link fixed route systems offer daily service on eight routes on a fleet of 26 buses to nearly 2 million riders a year.


NAIPTA seeks an agency for:

  • Development of Marketing Campaigns
  • Development of Collateral and Printed Materials
  • Brand Management and Graphic Design
  • Social Media and Web Development
  • Research
  • Transit Ballot Initiatives

Develop Marketing Campaigns

The contractor will work with NAIPTA staff to develop the overall theme and creative elements of marketing campaigns designed to promote NAIPTA’s services and attract new Mountain Line ridership.

Work Tasks and Deliverables

  • Consult with NAIPTA on marketing goals
  • Conduct research and analyze data, including transit industry trends, Mountain Line ridership, survey results, etc.
  • Develop campaign themes that meet mutually agreed upon marketing goals, which may vary depending on the project and timing.
  • Design and produce media elements associated with the agreed upon campaign theme and fitting into the media schedule (developed by NAIPTA staff in consultation with the contractor).
  • Contractor may coordinate all necessary photo/video shoots and audio recording services to execute the campaign.
  • Serve as the liaison with all media outlets included on the media schedule and deliver the appropriate advertisements in a timely manner.
  • Consult with NAIPTA on marketing opportunities that arise outside of the media schedule marketing plan, and determine the best way to move forward.

Development of Collateral and Printed Materials In addition to the components associated with marketing campaigns, NAIPTA has the need for several printed pieces and other collateral materials throughout the year. This includes, Ride Guides, posters, brochures, fliers, postcards, promotional items, and other specialty pieces.

Work Tasks and Deliverables

  • NAIPTA will present all projects related to collateral and printed material (outside of the paid advertising campaign) to the contractor in a timely manner.
  • Consult with NAIPTA on the elements of the piece and agree on a focus and direction.
  • Develop collateral/printed material and submit to NAIPTA for review, revisions and/or approval.
  • Provide NAIPTA a final version of the piece, suitable for printing.
  • Coordinate with the printer when necessary
  • Specific to the Mountain Line Ride Guide, which is the main source of information on Mountain Line routes and schedules and is updated every 12‐18 months:
    • Update route map (NAIPTA will provide existing file from the most current Rider’s Guide) to include current routes, stops, and street network.
    • In consultation with NAIPTA staff, determine the best and most accurate way to display Flagstaff City streets on the map.
    • In consultation with NAIPTA staff, determine additional design features that could enhance the overall Rider’s Guide functionality and form.
    • Update the schedule timetables per an Excel file provided by NAIPTA.
    • Translate any necessary information into Spanish.
    • Make additional updates and corrections as per NAIPTA’s direction.
    • Prepare the printing specifications and solicit a minimum of three printing bids, providing a recommendation to NAIPTA on the favorable choice.
    • Provide an initial draft of the Rider’s Guide to NAIPTA and make corrections/changes discussed in the editing process.
    • Serve as the liaison with the selected printer to deliver finished Rider Guide’s to NAIPTA by the agreed upon date.
    • Provide NAIPTA with the final files, suitable for print and web.

Brand Management and Graphic Design

In the absence of having an in‐house graphic designer, NAIPTA needs a contractor to design, manipulate and/or adjust elements of the Agency’s branding to fit specific needs.

Work Tasks and Deliverables

  • Resize and/or reformat logos and other graphics
  • Logo development
  • Develop organizational templates, such as letterhead, Power Points, flyers, etc.

Social Media and Web Development

NAIPTA manages its own social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and handles the back‐end updates to the website internally. But, there are occasions when NAIPTA staff needs professional advice about these platforms, and media/graphics created specifically for them.

Work Tasks and Deliverables

  • Develop web banners and website landing pages for specific projects and programs.
  • Review the Mountain Line website and make suggestions for areas of improvement, opportunities, etc.
  • Coordinate with other NAIPTA vendors (real time arrival, web development, mobile ticketing, etc.) for marketing and graphics‐related needs.
  • Provide professional guidance on social media metrics, website analytics, and other data points.


The contractor will conduct a Mountain Line Rider Satisfaction Survey at least every other year, and other survey/research work may be conducted in the off years. For example, the contractor may conduct a “Never Rider Survey.” In addition, the contractor will conduct a complementary Client Satisfaction Survey for Mountain Lift paratransit.

Work Tasks and Deliverables

  • Develop the survey instrument and translate into Spanish if necessary
  • Develop a sampling plan and timeline for survey execution
  • Establish an online survey instrument
  • Create promotional materials if necessary
  • Coordinate with temporary staffing agency for surveyors and train all temporary staff employees.
  • May collect data outside of surveys for Origin and Destination, travel patterns, and similar data that can better inform NAIPTA trip patterns.
  • Provide on‐site management of the survey process.
  • Collect a previously agreed upon number of surveys
  • Develop SPSS and Excel databases
  • Conduct data entry and cleaning
  • Analyze data (simple frequencies and potential cross‐tabulations)
  • Preparation of a final report and/or presentation

Transit Ballot Initiatives

NAIPTA may be involved in local tax initiatives for transit and/or transportation. The contractor may be called upon to provide marketing and graphic design assistance.

Work Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work in conjunction with the campaign manager and team to identify campaign objectives and strategies
  • Develop printed documents and collateral material
  • Conduct graphic design work, i.e. logo development, Power Point presentations, etc.

Proposal due by March 28, 2017 to:
3773 N Kaspar Dr.
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

Allison+Partners has Arizona offices.

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