PR Is The Path To More Recruits For The Indiana Army National Guard

Army Public Relations

The Indiana Army National Guard (INARNG) Recruiting and Retention Battalion is seeking a comprehensive public relations campaign for a major, government funded marketing campaign. The chosen firm shall execute strategic recruiting and retention programs specifically designed to generate, filter and deliver more recruits to the Indiana Army National Guard.

The Indiana National Guard is the armed force of the State of Indiana, and currently has approximately 14,000 members. The state mission assigned to the National Guard is: “To provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise provided by state law.” The agency selected will plan and launch a statewide comprehensive strategic advertising and marketing campaign, on a local, regional and national level.

Among the responsibilities are to:

Develop a proactive and strategic communications plan which will allow the Indiana National Guard to take control of its messages and to best utilize its deep bench of communications tools. Assist in systematic evaluation of the organization’s objectives and how its constituents and the community at large perceive it. Assist in penetrating new opportunities for enlistment for the organization. This may include securing business and political acceptance where the organization seeks to expand its geographical base.

Assist in enhancing the organization’s reputation and in establishing liaison with other organizations and leadership within them -locally, regionally and statewide. Interviews — garner feedback from Indiana National Guard stakeholders and regional leaders in the industry regarding Indiana National Guard’s communications, identity and quality of service.

Content analysis — analyze all Indiana National Guard media coverage over the past 12 months to assess positive/negative tone, the topic addressed, geographic areas of concern and other hot-button issues. Work as a resource team to officers and staff to help develop the organization’s external outreach, as well as assisting with internal communications as desired.

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