Bartlett Park District Issues RFP Website

Bartlett Park District Issues RFP For WebSite Redesign

The Bartlett Park District is searching for a company to redesign our current website and incorporate the eight separate URL microsites into a cohesive, yet distinctive look.


The Bartlett Park District was formed by a successful public referendum vote on January 18, 1964. In 1969 the Village of Bartlett donated the first 13-acre parcel to the Park District, which was part of Sunrise Park. The District now owns 577 acres and leases another 20 acres for the recreational needs of our community. With 43 parks, a community center, two pools, two golf courses, banquet facility, ski hill, athletic field complex, nature center, and more, Bartlett is in the forefront of the Distinguished Accredited Agencies in our state, and was a National Gold Medal finalist two years in a row in 2009 and 2010.

Scope of Work:

Basic site components:

  1. Redesign and bring site together with content management system to current industry standards.
  2. Content will be migrated from current sites as much as possible and additional content provided.
  3. Site design should consider mobile-first and responsive web design second. Site should be responsive with fast loading times.
  4. Design should be consistent throughout the site and visually attractive. Pages should be uniquely designed for branding and include a more streamlined, colorful, cleaner look. Common fonts, colors, headers, and styles.
  5. Minimal browser intrusion-a Flash based site is NOT preferred, eliminating plug-in prompts, Active-X prompts etc. is required.
  6. Style Sheets – Text characteristics should be controlled mainly by judicious application of style sheets. These can be static CSS pages or generated by database operations, and should be designed to minimize formatting at the tag level. Pages should be printable without excessive visual degradation. “Print this” button for printing page properly
  7. The pages should include a revision history and be savable in draft and private mode. The pages or posts should have an ability to schedule.
  8. Sticky header and footer.
  9. Manual homepage slideshow.
  10. Main navigation at top of pages with large mouse-over fly outs attached to each category tab.
  11. Easier map application for updating.
  12. Staff directory (contact us) must link to each staff person; however email address must be hidden and secure.
  13. Website protection should include SSL (TLS 1.2) encryption, Malware protection,and automatic website backups, software updates, and plug-in updates.
  14. Site must support posting our seasonal brochure (preference given to flip book style with zoom, search, and print features).
  15. User friendly online form builder.
  16. URL remapping-Ability to simplify URLs to verbally direct visitors to particular pages, such as park district/athletics.
  17. Separate emergency and daily alert notifications.
  18. Events and News section of the existing website capable of multiple views like calendar or list, easily add new sort-able categories. Homepage will include a calendar feature that is easily updated by ALL users. This will encompass all park district events. It should be able to scroll showing the most recent to the future.
  19. We will utilize a variety of forms on our site (mostly PDF). Documents must be easily managed for change out and updating.
  20. Embedded video – directly uploaded or third-party-linked videos of special events, facility tours, and other promotions.
  21. Ability to add widgets like Qgiv and PayPal to site without complication.
  22. Allow visitors to easily share content via multiple social media platforms and capability of adding new or popular social media systems in the future. (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Flicker…)
  23. Integrate Constant Contact or other sign-up form onto a page, designed to look like the new site (E-newsletter)
  24. Integration with Vermont Systems. Make improvements to the current site’s integration with the district’s ecommerce and search software Vermont System’s RecTrac and its website, WebTrac. Ability to change software program if we choose.
  25. Analyze and install Google analytics
  26. Search engine optimization – pages should be structured for indexing by modern methods.
  27. Provide site security to current industry standards.
  28. Access-The Park District staff must have access to edit pages thorough a web based open source content management system like WordPress with multiple layers of editors or restriction to specific areas.
  29. The Bartlett Park District will retain ownership and copyright of the website.

Due Date:

August 3rd


Bartlett Park District

Attn. Stephanie FitzSimons Bartlett Community Center

700 S. Bartlett Road

Bartlett, IL 60103

Digital PR Agencies include MWWPR and Kwittken PR.

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