Becca PR: Elegant PR Agency

Becca PR is a creative communications agency where the goal is simple – ensure elegant public relations. Attention to detail is at the heart of Becca PR, which means the agency focuses on the little things that are seemingly invisible to most people. 

Their onboard experts are great at finding the best stories and tailoring them to specific target audiences in a multitude of ways. Whether that’s through gorgeous photography or eye-catching events, strong media relations and fun social media campaigns, Becca PR is a true believer in the field of stealth marketing – only show and never tell.

This means that Becca PR isn’t following the strict rules of public relations, of using social platforms and media outlets to spread the word of a brand’s new product or service. Instead, they have broken new grounds in the stealth marketing field by using methods such as product placement, talking about brands on forums, or even something as simple as a tasting event.

There are plenty of advantages to this type of marketing, and all of the clients that have been working with Becca PR have seen them. A sample includes incredible restaurants, such as King, Cote, the Odeon and Estela, while other clients are amazing chefs that have placed their faith into Becca PR, including Gabriela Camara, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Michael Symon.

This public relations agency is always finding new and exciting ways for their clients to engage with audiences and develop an even deeper relationship between the two sides. At Becca PR, the team of experts understands that the field of public relations isn’t just about the newest and most exciting launch that’s happening this week, something that will most likely be forgotten as soon as everyone goes home to their normal lives.

In fact, these public relations professionals know that when it comes to PR, brands are supposed to play the long game. The product or service launch is just the kick-off event, and everything else that follows it, through a steady stream of relevant communication between the brand and the target audience, is what really builds the selling point.

Having a personalized and human approach to public relations is something that the team at Becca PR prides itself on, and that’s exactly what inspired the creation of the agency, through its founder, Becca Parrish.

Each team member is very passionate about creating and telling amazing stories, through the right outlets, on the perfect platforms and in the right way. This creates a positive image that an audience has of a certain brand, which can only be amplified and maximized. The team excels in finding genuine stories and little nuggets that audiences would love to know about a particular brand. Then, they can package that information in the best way possible and deliver it to that audience.

Choosing Becca PR, and their innovative approach to public relations, means the brand is going to be both seen and heard, and planted into the minds of the target audiences – before they even realize what’s happening.

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