What’s Happening at Bell Pottinger, Alison Brod & APCO Worldwide

Naomi Campbell in Tussle with Bell Pottinger PR People

Bell Pottinger PR

Naomi Campbell has something of a reputation of outbursts over the years especially involving those who work for her, and it appears another episode happened recently with one of the account executives at Bell Pottinger. This one was hired to improve Ms. Campbell’s public image but is left with a bruised face for his troubles.

The publicist remains unnamed but is said to be about 26 and bringing in £30K a year. He had been working with Campbell for about a year when the episode happened in New York around Christmas. Campbell was recovering from foot surgery and thought the publicist was leaking information to the tabloid media, so when he was sending a text she wrestled with him to take the phone away.

Alison Brod PR Shared Favorite New York Fashion Week Haunts

Alison Brod has been in the Fashion PR business since she started her firm at the age of 25. Some of her clients include Clinique, Godiva, Beauty.com, Dollar Shave Club, and Ralph Lauren.  According to Stylecaster, some of her favorite Fashion Week spots include Caudalie (a oils and lotions shop), Herve Leger (designer clothing), the Arlington Club (fun food), and Erno Lazlo Institute (skin care products in an art museum feeling showroom).

Dr. James Thurber Joins APCO Worldwide

Founder and director of Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS) and professor at American University, Dr. James Thurber, joined APCO Worldwide as a member of the International Advisory Council (IAC) according to new from APCO’s executive chairman and founder, Margery Kraus. Thurber has been at the University since 1974 and founder the CCPS in 1979. He is a member of the American Bar Association’s Task Force on Lobbying Law Reform and a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton Receiving PR Advice from Luntz Global

Earlier in the year, Cam Newton changed his view on race issues about the time the team brought in a communications advisor, Frank Luntz, who has worked with the team in 2014 when he spearheaded a campaign with the team and Newton to improve the organization’s image. Luntz is also a pollster for the GOP. Luntz, head of Luntz Global, sent a memo to the team saying: “He [Newton} is primed to be one of the NFL greats. With the right language, he can help cement his place in the NFL as one of the great franchise quarterbacks like Brady, Rodgers, Favre, etc.”

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