How to Boost B2B PR Efforts

How to Boost B2B PR Efforts

Whether the PR efforts are all done in-house, or there’s a PR firm doing it, these efforts can pay off big time, but only if you manage to connect the good word to your customer base. Without that, new people may hear about you, the CEO, or the brand, but without an ongoing presence, it may not do any good.

Don’t Waste the Coverage

Whether you write and publish an article on your blog or website, or you have the media pick up and run with a story including your expertise, or information about your products, don’t throw away opportunities to share it. If it’s from an outside source, post the link to your website, blog, social media accounts, Facebook business page … wherever you can think your target market will see it. Encourage your followers, friends, and family to do the same. One of the top toy sellers on ETSY used this tactic to get to that point. It’s something you can do even when you are just starting in business.

Don’t forget a few additional steps either, get copies of any articles to include in your press kit, and add them to your showroom if you have a brick and mortar shop. Email them in your latest update to customers, maybe tie the article to a special offer or sale.

After the Word Is Out – Use it to Develop Relationships

That’s right, one of the primary purposes of PR is to allow brands to build relationships with their target audience. Why? It’s as simple as the deeper the relationship you build, the more likely you are to have lifetime consumers converted to your brand. When you can make buying your brand a positive experience, and one where people feel they are welcomed and appreciated, then bonds are created. Make sure you respond quickly to comments, concerns, positive reviews, and everything in between. Show appreciation, even when sometimes the comments don’t feel so warm and fuzzy. Use it to improve, chat with the “complainer” and learn how their experience could have been better.

Offer rewards occasionally to commenters. It can be a great experience for everyone, and in the process, you might end up with an email address or other contact information so you can include them in future special sales and promotions.

The Goal

Remember that the goal for PR is not just about getting mentioned in the news or an article. It’s about connecting with your target consumers and selling more of what you offer. Getting the company name or a brand mentioned in the media is the first step of that process, but stopping there is like getting set to start a race, but then not actually pushing off and running with all your might once the go signal is given.

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