Created by Portland voters in 1958, Prosper Portland is the economic and urban development agency for the City of Portland. We focus on building an equitable economy by carrying out a comprehensive range of economic development programs that supports small businesses, improves access to workforce training, and creates jobs for Portland residents. We work with partners to drive public attention and resources to different areas of the city which helps Portland realize capital projects – parks, streetscape improvements, community centers – that would not happen on their own, making the city a better place to live for all Portlanders. Our work is based on four cornerstones: growing family-wage jobs, advancing opportunities for prosperity, collaborating with partners for an equitable city, and creating vibrant neighborhoods and communities. View our website at

Prosper Portland’s strategic plan seeks to advance social equity by increasing economic opportunity for historically disadvantaged populations and creating equitable access to living-wage jobs and wealth creation opportunities. In this RFP we are seeking Respondents that share these values and will commit to participating in activities designed to further that end.

Scope of Work:

Prosper Portland purchased the 97-room Inn at the Convention Center (the “ICC Hotel” or “Hotel”) located at 420 NE Holladay in 2003 with plans to redevelop the site as a convention center hotel. That plan shifted when an alternate site was selected for the recently completed convention center Hyatt Hotel across the street from the ICC Hotel. Because the original intent was to demolish the existing building and redevelop the site, Prosper Portland has made limited investments in the physical plant or in branding and marketing the hotel. The ICC Hotel has been in continuous operations since its acquisition and serves the continued need for affordably priced lodging near the convention center. The restaurant which is located inside the hotel has been shuttered since its acquisition. Prosper Portland now plans to continue to own and operate the Hotel and to reactivate the restaurant and to hold the property for approximately the next 10 years. Our goal during this period is to maximize our return on investment (“ROI”) while continuing to provide affordably priced lodging, and food and beverage options which support Prosper Portland’s strong commitment to social equity. To that end, Prosper Portland has recently completed updates to the guest rooms on floors 2-5 and is in the design phase for a renovation and rehabilitation of the first-floor lobby and restaurant, the conversion of an old pool/spa room into leasable meeting space, the updating of the exterior design, improved landscaping, and conversion of some of the parking area into outside dining and seating areas. Brett Schultz Architects is leading these design efforts. Through this RFP we wish to engage the services of a marketing and branding firm to lead the Project Team through a process to rebranding the hotel and restaurant. The scope of work for this engagement is more specifically defined below.

Project Objectives/Problem Statement 

The ICC Hotel is currently seen as outdated and of lower quality then other hotel options in the general vicinity, and its restaurant has been shuttered for over 10 years and it has no identify at all. The project’s objective is to rebrand the Hotel to align with the updated appearance, appeal and functionality of the property, to improve its market position within Portland’s central business district hotels, and to create an identify for the new restaurant which will be operated on a day-by-day basis by the same firm which operates the hotel.

Working in close collaboration with the ICC Hotel project design team including Prosper Portland, architect, interior designer, and landscape designer (“Project Team”). The Branding Team will perform the following tasks and activities and provide Prosper Portland with the following deliverables: 

5.1.1 Discovery Meet with Project Team and key stakeholders to define primary target markets for the hotel and restaurant, and develop and refine branding objectives and opportunities Conduct research to evaluate the ICC Hotel’s current position within the market including review of existing collateral and market reviews Develop recommendations for how to reposition the ICC Hotel to meet the defined objectives in general, and specifically whether a name change is recommended Develop recommendation for how to position the restaurant to meet the defined objective, and name recommendation Develop a schedule that outlines the overall plan and timeline for completing the various elements of this project

DELIVERABLE: Report on key findings, recommendations, and project schedule.

5.1.2 Brand Positioning Framework Develop the Hotel’s and restaurant’s ‘story’ which articulates their value propositions and differentiates them from their competitors – what make the ICC Hotel and restaurant unique? Develop options for key branding messages that communicates those value propositions to the target markets. Lead team through a process to narrow options down to 3-4 key branding messages.

DELIVERABLE: Story development and value proposition statement for both the hotel and restaurant and 3-4 key branding messages.

5.1.3 Branding Facilitate discussions with Project Team about naming options for both the hotel and restaurant each of which will support and reinforce the other’s operations (e.g. hotel reinforces and supports the restaurant and vice versa) Develop two naming options for each for team consideration and work with team to narrow down to final selection Design two logo options each for team consideration and work with team to narrow down to final selections. Develop ‘elevator pitch’ message that succinctly conveys brand messages/stories Conduct research to confirm name recommendations are available (corporate filings, trademarks, URL and media platforms.) Develop recommendations for headline and tagline that reinforce the brand and value proposition statements DELIVERABLE: Final names for hotel and restaurant; headline and tagline recommendation for both the hotel and restaurant; secured URLs; color palettes; and elevator pitches. 

5.1.4 Marketing Collateral Provide logo options for different collateral (signage for the hotel and restaurant, logos for letterhead, menus, business cards, Email signatures, logo with/without tagline) Review and provide recommendations for updating the hotel website to integrate branding standards and to ensure it is consistent with new brand and key messaging standards Work with consultant to develop restaurant website that reinforces branding and clearly links with Hotel website Develop social media messages in line with hotel and restaurant brand messages, and target markets Work with team to identify and produce key pieces of additional marketing collateral to support repositioning (letter head, menus, signage, etc.) Design the selected pieces of marketing collateral DELIVERABLE: Electronic versions of logos, written report on hotel website modification recommendations; design of restaurant website, social media messages, and electronic version of selected marketing collateral in final format and ready for production. 

5.1.5 Style Guide Develop color palette, fonts and headline standards for incorporation into marketing collateral and style guide; Draft a style guide that assembles the work from the prior scope elements into one manual with instructions on how each element should be used to reinforce the Hotel and restaurant branding.

DELIVERABLE: Electronic version of style guide. 

5.1.6 Mood Boards Work with design team to integrate final branding into the overall design scheme for the hotel/restaurant renovation including color schemes Collaborate with interior/exterior design team to create mood boards that will reinforce the brands and inform selection of interior and exterior finishes.

DELIVERABLE: Active participation on the team, actual mood boards will be produced by the interior design team.

5.1.7 Signage Collaborate with the Project Team on the design of interior and exterior signage to maximize marketing potential and public awareness of the property.

DELIVERABLE: Active participation on the team, actual signage will be contracted out to a sign manufacture. Prosper Portland reserves the right to modify, add, and/or remove certain tasks and activities prior to Contract execution; or though equitable amendment to the Contact, after Contract execution.

Due Date:

February 17 


Nick Ioanna, CPPB Procurement Services Coordinator

Relevant agencies include MWWPR and Coyne PR.

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