The Capstone Agency Tells Students about Real-World PR

capstone_agency everything-prIt is important for any student, in any field, to have access, as much as possible, to information regarding the real conditions and challenges that await them on the job after college. A public relations firm at The University of Alabama educates students and faculty at two national conferences this semester about running communication campaigns. The Capstone Agency is a multi-awarded agency that works with important clients.

“The greatest reward is seeing the students grow in the knowledge and abilities as they interact with real clients with real budgets, real issues and real constraints,” stated Teri Henley, Capstone Agency Advisor.

The Capstone Agency, which also seeks to gain new clients, has been involved in pro bono work for nonprofits and on-campus initiatives, and is now excited to educate students and faculty on how to engage those attending classes through strategic public relations campaigns.

“The National Outreach Scholarship Conference will be on Oct. 3 in Bryant Conference Center, and the Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Conference will be Oct. 12 in San Francisco,” explained Jessica Colburn, agency director.

Sometimes there are significant discrepancies between what one learns, and what one gets to experience when actually working in a domain. Public relations make no exception especially when speaking of a field that covers such varied segments– from NGO to politics, from beauty to IT, etc., thus making room for many instances where a fresh graduate would not be prepared for the real world business environment. Such initiatives where students have the chance to find out from people working in PR on a daily basis which are some of the challenges, the busted myths and other relevant information are quite insightful and should come in greater numbers.

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