Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion is Seeking a Media and PR Firm

 Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion

The Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion (CDFI) at Institute for Financial Management and research, was set up in September 2014 as a premier organization geared towards research, analysis and innovation in the area of digital financial inclusion. The focus is on developing, testing and scaling new innovations and creating an enabling environment for expanding access to digital financial products and services to groups that do not currently have access to them. The Centre works through partnerships to catalyse the use of digital technology for increasing access to savings, insurance, credit, and payment services for poor, rural, and other excluded population segments.

CDFI will advance the following objectives, all of which are aimed at poor, rural, or otherwise excluded population segments:

  • Drive payments made to excluded population segments onto digital platforms;
  • Develop and scale new digital payment use cases;
  • Work with commercial providers to test and scale new digital payment innovations;
  • Analyse policy/ program implementation frameworks to help create an enabling environment for digital financial inclusion; and
  • Create public goods to accelerate diffusion of best practices.

Scope of Work:

  1. Design an effective and comprehensive ‘Public Relations Strategy’ based on given inputsa) Prepare a clearly driven PR strategy, approach, workplan and schedule to be decided in consultation with CDFI
  2. Execute the approved and planned strategy through both ongoing initiatives and event specific initiatives:a) Identify appropriate media opportunities to highlight business developments and announcements. This could be through press releases, press briefing, media interactions, press conferences, round tables, etc. as appropriateb) Proactively develop the theme/concept for press meets and work out news releases, articles and other promotional initiatives targeting local, national & international mediac) Organize and conduct briefings, panel discussions, launch research reports etc. for CDFI

    d) Provide strategic direction and inputs for more visibility and reaching out to the targeted stakeholders through CDFI’s organized conferences and events

    e) Suggest forums, guide, connect and place CDFI’s spokesperson in the appropriate events etc.

    f) Arrange for national/regional/local media to cover various events organized by CDFI and its partners in context of CDFI’s work

    g) Create talking points for media interactions by any employee and/or senior leadership team of CDFI

    h) Engage and build relations with a varied set of stakeholders – and increase awareness about CDFI – through conducting events, workshops, stories, publications etc


  1. Creation of Social Media (SM) Platforms for CDFI: Create CDFI blogs, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and any other upcoming SM platform during the course of contract and hence set up a complete social networking management system and manage the same by deploying requisite number of persons with requisite qualifications and skills-set.
  2. Maintenance of Social Media (SM) Platforms for CDFI: SM Platforms to be given a new look by populating, publishing and updating content on 24X7 basis. The frequency of information will be on a continuous basis with informative and promotional updates through relevant texts, photos, videos, audio, interviews, news, quiz, online surveys and contests in consultation with CDFI.
  3. Campaigns on Social Media (SM) Platforms with CDFI: Develop interesting and innovative content, campaigns, through a proper communication strategy to enhance the reach of SM. The SM platforms must be completely integrated with the CDFI website to generate buzz, drive visitors to publicize all projects and events promoted by CDFI.
  4. Events on Social Media (SM) Platform for CDFI: To maximize viewership by ensuring live coverage of CDFI events on the same day itself, across all applicable SM platforms. Also to convert the live coverage of several hours into one or more posts on the SM; with text, snapshot or few minutes videos of actual coverage, as opposed to several hours captured in practice.
  5. Monitoring of Social Media (SM) Platforms for CDFI: Set up standard response management processes under the supervision of CDFI. Perform comment management and monitor feedback, messages from visitors on SM, moderate SM to keep them free from spam/ advs./ inappropriate contents, appropriate tagging etc. on real time basis.
  6. Provide Analytics of Social Media (SM) Platform for CDFI: Provide detailed analytics about SM activities, comment analysis, mentions about CDFI/ FI etc. Track SM for updating sentiments, analysing trends, perform moderation and intervention as and when required and generate reports in various formats like graphs, charts etc.
  7. Content development for Social Media (SM) Platform for CDFI: To advertise CDFI’s projects and activities; create relevant tagging & linkages of content to ensure 24X7 / 360 views. To ensure uploading of only repackaged and relevant creative/ content; develop a media bank with cataloguing consisting of high quality and high resolution videos / photographs (Corbis or, Shutter Stock, Getty Images quality) of relevant landscapes, cultural practices, people, artefacts, food, different celebrities etc.
  8. Copyright protection & exclusivity: Content Created & Managed online will be the property of CDFI and must be copyright protected. The operation of the SM shall fall under the purview of the Right to Information Act, 2005, as the governing law and answers to any queries should be given only after consultation with CDFI.
  9. Single Point of Contact (SPOC): SPOC, with minimum qualification of 5 years of experience in social media, dedicatedly for this assignment and shall be required to be present at the CDFI’s office as and when required by CDFI.

Due Date:

July 10, 2017


Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion
IFMR 5th Floor, Kiwanis Bhawan, B-35 Qutab
Institutional Area, New Delhi 110 016
Harini Srinivasan, harini.srinivasan@cdfi.in

Financial PR firms include Makovsky PR and Dukas Linden.

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