Cheap PR Firms Often Charging Under 4K a Month

Cheap PR Firms everything-pr

When you are looking for PR representation, many small companies are hesitant to pay a lot of money. There are some small firms who we understand provide service at a low-end budget and some of them are supposed to be good.

Stuntman PR everything-pr

Stuntman Public Relations

Stuntman PR believes in big ideas. They actively look for ways to represent their clients that catch and draw attention. Much of their work is done in the hospitality and travel sectors, but they also work in ecommerce and digital content. Some of their clients have included The Traveler Beer Co., The History Channel, Chopped, and Bryant Park Hotel.

Rosica Public Relations everything-pr

Rosica Public Relations

They have their headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey, just a skip away from New York City. Rosica has a more traditional PR approach for the companies they represent. They work to keep your reputation safe as they also increase your business and business opportunities. They’ve done great work for their clients in getting the word out there building sales and brand equity, integrating social media, telling client’s stories, measuring their results and much more. Some of their clients include Eggland’s Best, Famous Amos, Schering-Plough, and Keebler.

Spotlight PR everything-pr

Spotlight PR

Spotlight is a boutique firm creating a buzz for their clients in the entertainment industry, working with actors, filmmakers, musicians, and other creatives to build name recognition and crafting public image. They offer clients “a la carte” options for their publicity, making it possible to craft an affordable plan for many of their clients.

T.J. Sacks & Associates everything-pr

T.J. Sacks & Associates

TJS is a full-service PR and media firm. Temi J. Sacks and her company have developed several award-winning presentations including the Century Furniture Award for Design Excellence, the Clairol Mentor Program, and the Migraine Masterpieces Art Contest, on behalf of Wyeth-Ayerst’s Inderal LA.

Tyler Barnett PR everything-pr

Tyler Barnett PR

TBPR is located in Beverly Hills, California. They specialize in entertainment, lifestyle and beauty, food and beverage, technology, professional services and health and medical. Barnett was listed as one of the top 20 entrepreneurs in their 20’s in the LA Business Journal. They have worked with Fortune 500 companies, small companies and everything in between.

Melrose PR everything-pr

Melrose Public Relations

They are a lifestyle boutique PR firm in Santa Monica, California. If you are looking for help with products and services in the health, beauty, fashion, hospitality, travel, and consumer products industries may find Melrose PR the perfect fit. Melrose is a female-owned firm, and they work with companies from being almost unknown up to global concerns. Some of their clients are DoorDash, The Painted Turtle, Pursecase, Cyclepathic, and Pacific Rim.

These are some of the firms we know about, if you know of others, share the details with us in the comments section!

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