City of London Seeks Production For Videos

City of London Seeks Production For Videos

The City of London is seeking proposal submissions from experienced and qualified agencies to develop a series of videos, which will serve as a mechanism to communicate with City employees, providing updates on corporate and divisional initiatives, while providing visibility of our senior leaders and recognition of employee efforts.


The City endeavors to keep employees informed of organizational activities to have them feel part of the big picture, to enable employees to be conduits of communication with the public and to foster organizational commitment and pride. This video series is a new tactic which will complement other existing and planned communication and engagement activities.

Scope of Work:

Video Specification Requirements:

  1. a) General Captioning Requirements:

  • Language: Canadian English
  • Ability to provide translation to French, upon request. Option for additional languages upon request (if confirmed as a service that can be provided)
  • Able to provide both open and closed captioning files
  • Use of descriptive captions, where contextually relevant
  • Able to provide captioning files in the following formats: .wmv, .mp4, and VTT
  1. b) Media Alternative Requirements:

  • Media alternatives files can be made available in PDF, HTML, Word file types
  • Text files must be accessible and meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA
  • Font style: Arial
  • Font size minimum: 12pt
  1. c) Captioning and Media Alternative Standards:

  • Captioning and media alternative files must meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:
  1. Episodes will be developed quarterly and provided to employees via e-mail and the City’s intranet site
  2. The show will be done in the style of an energetic talk show, 30 minutes max
  3. The City Manager will be the show’s host
  4. The “set” would be the City Manager’s office (Tonight show desk style) or a more casual location such as the Councilor’s lounge (Ellen style)
  5. The host will provide a general welcome and message reflecting on corporate activities since the last episode and commentary on the next quarter
  6. Video and photo overlays would help illustrate the host’s messaging
  7. The host would interview guests to give brief updates on divisional or corporate activities (ideally senior leader of the work area involved and the employee(s) involved in the work
  8. Video and photo overlays would be used as applicable
  9. A pre-production process and timeline will be established by the City of London project lead, in consultation with the Successful Proponents, for submission of requests to have initiatives featured on the show and for guests to be interviewed
  10. The City of London project lead will assist on following activities:
  • Collect submissions and make decision on guests to be featured
  • Collect information for the interviews and develop scripting to most effectively convey key info on the featured initiatives
  • Coordinate scheduling of City employees for filming and assist employees on the filming day.

Rush production options available for time-sensitive projects, upon request:

Project Deliverables:

In cooperation with the City of London project lead, the Successful proponent shall provide following deliverables:

  1. Produce a maximum 30 minute “Employee Update Show” video, each quarter, as outlined in the concept description below – first video to be ready fall 2018
  2. Produce a teaser trailer for the series of episodes, in the style of a new fall TV show promo
  3. Develop a video intro/outro and other necessary visual elements which incorporate the existing “Employee Update” branding
  4. Production of videos to include:
  5. Consultation to finalize the overall conceptual development, building upon the framework established by the City of London project lead
  6. Consultation with the City of London project lead on pre-production logistical planning
  7. Filming of the “show” at City Hall
  8. Coaching to ensure the shows on location “set” is compatible for filming
  9. Potential for additional location shoots at various London locations for clips to help illustrate content of the guest interviews
  10. Coaching of City employees being filmed, to support a quality finished product
  11. Post-production editing and all necessary final preparations to create the final product video file

Due Date:

June 29th


Among others, Edelman PR has a strong London office.

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