City of Mobile, Alabama Issues Public Relations RFP

City of Mobile, Alabama Issues Public Relations RFP
City of Mobile, Alabama Issues Public Relations RFP



A. The City of Mobile’s Parks and Recreation department is soliciting responses from qualified firms that can reliably provide the required services and perform to the satisfaction of the agreement. 

B. The vendor responses should quantify potential benefits and be educational regarding industry best practices and federal/state regulations. In addition, the responses should include cost information to assist with budgeting.


A. City of Mobile Parks and Recreation vision is to be a fun and safe place where everybody is somebody. Our Mission is to increase the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our community by providing diverse activities in secure and welcoming spaces. We’re looking for innovative and forward-thinking projects to promote our parks, facilities, programs, and events. 

B. It is the department’s intent to appoint the selected firm to assist with future marketing and advertising campaigns. The chosen firm will be required to: 

1. Conduct market research 

2. Pitch strategic, research-based recommendations 

3. Develop and produce creative 

4. Report and analyze and provide results.

Scope of Work:

A. For each of the following project areas, the agency should prove capability and describe strategies to be used along with quality controls. The successful agency should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of our brand, shifting dynamics of how consumers receive and use information today. Project areas and expected deliverables are: 

1. Account Management: Maintain a relationship and respond to current and future business needs upon mutual agreement to a statement of work. 

2. Market Research: Conduct extensive market research in the form of focus groups and/or surveys. 

3. Brand Awareness Campaign: Launch various awareness campaigns. 

4. Production/Creative: Manage the development of creative content (graphic design of brochures, fliers, etc.) to support the campaign. 

5. Video creation: Create, record and edit 15s, 30, 60s video content 

6. Social Media Planning: Develop strategic media planning. 

7. Reporting and Analytics: Provide timely updates and reports to monitor, measure, and evaluate the campaign’s objective. 

Due Date:

5:00 p.m., May 15, 2020.


City of Mobile Director of Parks and Recreation 48 North Sage Avenue Mobile, AL 36607

Relevant agencies worth considering include APCO Worldwide and W2O Group

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