Communications and Marketing Strategies When Working With Standing Partnership

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Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Standing Partnership is a corporate communication and marketing consulting firm that works with strategy and execution. The team at Standing Partnership is able to create thoughtful plans and goal-specific programs for clients and implement them in ways that align with both marketing, sales, and communications goals for their businesses. The firm works with business leaders in manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, professional services, and many other major industries, and helps them improve their bottom line through marketing

To achieve the client’s goals, the firm breaks down the walls between sales and marketing and gets all teams working together on the same end results. The team does this by using a growth marketing approach, where they’re able to gather information and data on the target audience’s purchasing decisions, and then make detailed plans and programs to engage with that audience.

The team thrives in helping clients solve various complex challenges as well as accelerating their growth. All of the communications and marketing professionals in the team seek out innovation and collaboration when working with clients that help them achieve the client’s goals. To get to that point, the firm offers a variety of marketing, corporate communications, sales, and customer experience services.

The marketing services at Standing Partnership range from marketing strategy capabilities where the team will evaluate all of the client’s options and develop an actionable strategy that will be continuously optimized to achieve the best results. To do that, they start by learning about the client’s business, markets with high potential, products, or services, and then map out the buyer journey while inserting core tactics and strategies for success.

Additionally, the marketing services also have lead generation capabilities where clients can gain new and engage with returning consumers by defining the marketing- and sales-qualified leads. Finally, there are the digital marketing capabilities, where companies can get help accessing the target audience through social media, paid and organic search, video and other types of content, and email marketing.

The corporate communications service has stakeholder engagement capabilities where companies can get help in understanding the perspectives of various stakeholders. Companies can also get the issues and crisis management capabilities to be better prepared in efficient and fast communication during a crisis. These capabilities are especially helpful in industries that are highly regulated, as a crisis can impact business operations for years.

With the sales services, there is the go-to-market strategy capability where Standing Partnership can create a detailed, realistic, action-oriented, and collaborative plan that achieves sales goals. There are also sales enablement capabilities where businesses can improve their sales results at every stage of the sales process.

Finally, with the customer experience services, clients can work with the customer experience assessment capabilities or the customer experience strategy capabilities to understand what’s happening with their consumers. Many brands and corporations have already seen success and business growth from working with Standing Partnership, such as Belden, Nutrition Physiology Company, and many others.

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