Merced is the county seat of Merced County. The City, located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley approximately 110 miles southeast of San Francisco and 310 miles northwest of Los Angeles, is about 20 square miles in size. The City of Merced is a dynamic community of about 90,000 people with friendly small town living in a mid-size city. The University of California Merced campus, opened in 2005, provides new educational and economic opportunity, adding to the already-established growth of the region. Within the City structure, the Airport is a department within the Office of Economic Development, managed by the Director of Economic Development.


Goals and Objectives of the Project

Goal 1: Increase awareness of the Merced Yosemite Regional Airport throughout the market area. Measurable objective: Increased level of knowledge of Merced Airport services through the market area, as measured by survey. 

Goal 2: Achieve increased ridership from the Merced Yosemite Regional Airport. Measurable objective: Observe increases in Merced enplanement data.

Goal 3: Design a brand identity around the new name and logo. Measurable objective: Create a brand launch plan to include social media, public relations, media relations, and paid media


Consultant shall not devote a majority of resources to a written marketing plan. It is expected that 90% or more of the budget resources shall be devoted to actual implementation measures, including but not limited to:


• Design new logo and brand identity around the airport’s new name (Merced Yosemite Regional Airport).

• Develop brand messaging including mission statement, vision statement, 15-second elevator pitch and brand descriptors.

• Design updated collateral including letterhead, business cards, email signatures and envelopes.

• Design social media images and content.

• Create in-depth brand standards document including use of logo, tagline, colors, content, etc. • Design updated physical signage.

• Create a brand launch plan to include social media, public relations, media relations, and paid media.

• Create a 6-month communication plan to include social media, public relations, and media. 4 PART 2

• Create a new airport website (see Exhibit A for scope of work). Extra Services Consultant should identify which other services they will need to complete the project and identify the associated cost. 


• Create a new airport website

Exhibit A 


• Design and develop a new Airport website following new brand guidelines.

• Develop content for the new website.

• Implement Search Engine Optimization best practices throughout the website, in both content and site structure.

• Build / provide a Content Management System that will be used by City staff once the website is launched. CMS examples include, but are not limited to, WordPress, Wix, and Drupal.

• Fully responsive site for desktop, mobile and tablet use.

• A full content audit to identify important features and pages.

• Development of new information architecture and UI/UX as needed.

• Uses industry benchmarking, research, and best practices to align the City with industry leaders.

• Implementation of an event calendar tool.

• Social media platform integrations.

• Backend design that allows for quick and easy creation and editing of posts, pages and other content as needed by the City.

• Incorporate ad spaces/units into the site.

o Must be compliant with CCPA.

o Must have cookie opt in on start of page for GPDR.

o Create Ad Policy.

• Implementation of a publishing platform (blog / news section).

• Site search capabilities.

• Integration with flight tracking data feed.

• Integration of Google Analytics.

• Mailchimp email marketing integration.

• Initial training with City staff.


Martin Pehl, Airport Manager

Merced Yosemite Regional Airport

20 Macready Drive Merced, CA 95341

(209) 385-6873

Deadline is July 6.

Agencies worth considering include Rubenstein PR and Finn Partners.

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