duomedia Announces Partnership with Gene Hunt for US Market

Duomedia, a PR and marketing communications agency for graphic arts, industrial, and technology markets, founded in 1999, has just signed a partnership with communication specialist Gene Hunt, thus expanding the agency’s service offering in the US market. The Europe-based clients will now benefit from support from a local professional in the USA, while US clients will be helped to enter the European market by a team of specialists with proven expertise.

“We have worked with Gene for many years as a copywriter and editor and built a solid relationship based on respect and confidence,” stated Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner, duomedia. “Gene co-founded and built a successful PR business earlier with Matter Communications, and we are pleased to work with him again. Our partnership is a perfect illustration of our ‘engaging people’ philosophy – whereby we add value, create interaction and increase bottom line results for clients, media, partners and our own team.”

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The Brussels-based agency believes in offering copywriting and localization services to clients through local representatives. It currently has representatives in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan and Barcelona, and also collaborates with freelance consultants and translators worldwide.

Clients are already benefiting from this partnership as Gene Hunt supports some duomedia clients with press events and interviews at the Graph Expo held in Chicago this week.

“This partnership with duomedia is an ideal way for clients to bridge the gap between their U.S. and European PR campaigns,” said Gene Hunt. “My experience working for global technology firms in the U.S. and Europe, combined with time spent building a full-service PR firm, provides a broader, two-way perspective that will add value to client relationships. In addition to expanding duomedia’s established graphic arts and industrial practice, I expect to provide an entry point for the agency in other growing tech markets, such as cleantech and renewable energy.”

Offering high quality services through partnerships with local professionals is good for both the agencies and the clients. Such partnerships are a good business move that delivers communication and PR services tailored to those specific markets.

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