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Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, the now famous Russian spy busted by the FBI this Summer, is now her country’s biggest tabloid pin up. The high profile spy ring which garnered so much press, seems to have catapulted Chapman into the limelight. Her posing for Maxim being her latest bit of fame.

Chapman, swapped in a massive agent exchange between the U.S. and Russia, is now seen everywhere in her home country, and with the Maxim cover, everywhere else too. Rocket launches to awards from President Medvedev, Chapman seems unable to do any wrong. Her cover on the Russian edition of Maxim is what is making all the headlines how though. Amazing what a figure, back lingerie, and weapons can do for one’s image – you got it – Chapman poses just so, a la 007 style.

In the accompanying interview, Chapman speaks nothing of her life as a spy, but instead talks about creativity and a bit about men. Meanwhile the media is hot on the trail of the Russian Maxim edition entitled “For Eyes Only,” in reference to the Bond flick of the 80’s. The 28 year old Chapman has certainly had her 15 minutes of fame, and appears to be shooting for 15 more. Reuters has the best coverage of the Maxim story, so far.

For those interested, video of the shoot is now available on the Maxim Russia site. Never let it be said Russia does not know how to capitalize on situations. From the looks of the video on Russia’s Maxim site, a bit of preparation went into Chapman’s Bond girl shoot. Meahwhile, YouTube collages of Anna’s Maxim pages have gone up as fast as the news stories. It seems only a matter of time before Playboy contacts Chapman now, or should Hugh call Vladimir directly? Hmm. A screen capture from the Maxim video below shows the quality of video there.

Chapman photo shoot

Anna Chapman photo shoot – screen capture courtesy Maxim

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