New York PR Firm Revealed to be a Scam

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Today’s New York Post revealed that a New York PR Agency appears to be run by a scammer.  As the paper revealed “Corey von Furstenberg” claimed to be CEO and Creative Director of Von Fürstenberg Creative Group, a communications and crisis management firm headquartered in New York City.” The agency is fairly non-existent in reality.

Von Fürstenberg Creative Group

As The Post first reported – and other international media has now picked up – he pretended to be “a wealthy scion of the famous designer Diane von Furstenberg — and scammed the owner of a six-story SoHo apartment building into renting him the $15,000-a-month penthouse”, and a lawsuit claims that he claimed to “…make over $1 million a year as head of the PR firm Von Furstenberg Creative Group that supposedly reps Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey and Paula Deen.”

New York PR Firm Revealed to be a Scam

The NY Post quotes a Public Relations professional as noting that his site (which has now been removed) as having “…all the hallmarks of a “bullshitter.”  The individual claimed to be a graduate of Brown University – the school has no records of him.

The Public Relations industry doesn’t need scammers. 

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