Philadelphia Seeking A PR Agency

Philadelphia Seeking A PR Agency

The City of Philadelphia (“City”), Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation (“Aviation”) seeks a PR firm to provide on-call public relations support for the Philadelphia International Airport (“PHL”). The successful respondent is expected to communicate with the public, manage public information, public relations and disseminate information regarding specific airport projects to the media, airlines and general public.

Department Overview

The City administers the day-to-day operations of the Airport through Aviation, under the direction of its Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). The Airport’s Public Affairs Manager, or their designee, will manage the work performed by the Applicant(s).

Project Background

PHL is the only major airport serving the 7th largest metropolitan area in the United States. The Airport is classified by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) as a large air traffic hub. A large hub is defined by the FAA as a community that enplanes 1.0% or more of the total passengers enplaned on certificated airlines in the United States. According to data reported by Airports Council International – North America, PHL was ranked the nineteenth busiest airport in the United States, serving 31.4 million passengers in Calendar Year 2015, and was ranked the fourteenth busiest in the nation based on aircraft operations (take-offs and landings). General information may be viewed at the Airport website Monthly statistics detailing passenger traffic and aircraft operations may be viewed at the Airport’s Activity Reports:

During July 2016, PHL’s peak season, an average of 24 airlines served the airport and provided more than 520 daily nonstop departures to 131 destinations, including over 50 nonstop daily departures to 36 international destinations.

The Airport serves residents and visitors from a broad geographic area that includes eleven (11) counties within four states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The Airport is easily accessible by car and public transportation. The Airport is directly linked to ramps from Interstates 95 and 76 and the SEPTA Airport Rail Line provides direct service to and from Center City Philadelphia, from stations located at all terminals. The Airport consists of the following:

  1. Land: Approximately 2,425 acres located partly in the Southwestern section of the City and partly in the Northeastern section of Delaware County, about 7.2 miles from Center City Philadelphia.
  2. Runways: The Airport’s runway system consists of parallel Runways 9L-27R and 9R-27L, crosswind Runway 17-35, commuter Runway 8-26, and interconnecting taxiways.
  3. Terminal Buildings: The Airport consists of approximately 3.3 million square feet between Terminals A-West, A-East, B, C, D, E and F. Terminal buildings principally include ticketing areas, passenger hold rooms, baggage claim areas and nearly 200 varied concessions and services.
  4. Other Buildings and Areas: The Airport has 449,761 square feet of cargo space, including six (6) active cargo facilities and an American Airlines aircraft maintenance hangar.
  5. Outside Terminal Area: The Airport is host to a 419-room hotel, seven (7) rental car facilities, a 150-vehicle cell-phone lot, two (2) employee parking lots containing 4,200 spaces, and five (5) parking garages and surface lots offering a total of 18,940 vehicle spaces, separately operated by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

The respondent shall provide the following services:

PHL Communications Office Public Relations:

  1. Monitor the media for relevant stories. Then compile reports and share them with the Communications Office to inform them of the work of stakeholders and peer institutions.
  2. Develop content for the PHL social media channels as well as research the social media channels of peer institutions.
  3. Research best practices for the maintenance of all social media platforms.

PHL Outreach:

  1. Outreach to civic and business leaders, including but not limited to, planning events to facilitate meetings between PHL leadership and local leaders.
  2. All levels of media relations, including but not limited to, identifying key reporters and developing relationships with reporters, determining which outlets are best to feature stories, and creating briefings and support documents.
  3. Identify award and speaking opportunities and draft nominations for PHL executives.
    Assist with social media
  4. Assist with facilitating the advisory board function.

Proposal due by APRIL 24, 2017 to:
Philadelphia International Airport
Division of Aviation Offices
Terminal D, Second Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19153

Possible candidates for this assignment could be Burson-Marsteller or APCO Worldwide.

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