FanGager Helps Brands Manage and Engage Fans

Founded in 2009 by Eran Gefen, FanGager is already displaying an impressive roster of clients, including Nokia, RedBull, American Express, The BigBrother Show and many others. The company launches publicly today, with a free benchmark evaluation of a brand engagement level comparing to others. What’s your fangagement?

The declared mission of FanGager is to assist you in creating real engagement with your fans for the long term and consistently. The company offers a number of tools that help you quantify fan engagement on social networks like Facebook and Twitter; engage your fans with different means (interactive tools, game, trivia, etc); and even reward your fans, using badges and real value gifts.

Our proprietary Social CRM SaaS technology scans the entire social assets of the brand in order to better track and encourage quality and measurable fans engagement and activities. Our platform actually creates the first ever Fans Engagement Loyalty Program,” CEO Eran Gefen told us in an email. “FanGager allows the brand manager to better engage, reward and manage their fans and followers through a single CRM interface. We believe the most important question is not how many fans and followers a brand has, but rather how many of them are actually active.

FanGager is a social media monitoring and management tool, which means that it will give you access to important metrics that will help you maximize your brand presence on the aforementioned networks. The platform helps you identify the top influencers in your fans database, target activities to specific fan groups, find user overlapping between Facebook and Twitter and manage all your social assets from one dashboard. Complete fan database and analytics, including reports, are also available.

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