Five Low-Budget Marketing Tactics

Five Low-Budget Marketing tactics

A tight marketing budget doesn’t have to stall your marketing ambitions. All you need is a bit of imagination and creativity in your approach. Many business owners without a well-built marketing team aren’t natural marketers – they jump from one marketing tactic to another without assessing their efforts will result in higher sales.

If this sounds like you, then don’t stress. We’ve compiled a list of low-cost results-oriented techniques to help you improve your marketing strategy and help you reach your goals:


1.      Use surveys

Before you start thinking of marketing tactics you want to implement, it is crucial to come up with a marketing strategy or plan. The first step in making a marketing strategy to understand who your target audience is and what they stand to gain from your company. The best way to do better understand your customer is to conduct a survey.

If hiring a research company isn’t within your company’s means, then you can create a survey yourself by constructing a questionnaire and asking existing and prospective customers to participate.


2.      Reach out to your existing customer base

Making a sale to a new customer is five times as expensive as making a sale to an existing customer. Take advantage of the value for money you can get out of reaching out and pampering your already existing customer base and make sure you’re not neglecting the people who already support and trust your product. 

Think of ways you can make your best customers feel special and connected to your organization. Reach out to them in a personal and authentic way, for example, write out personal notes to your best customers to thank them and invite them to a loyalty program.

3.      Commit to online marketing

The internet is an inexpensive 24-hour virtual storefront for your product and services. Make online marketing a priority by offering your audience high-quality online content such as articles, blogs, and videos. If you and your team are able to devote time to social media, then it’s a great way to extend your reach and broaden your audience.

But be aware – if you want to engage people with social media, it requires time and commitment to make sure your messaging is consistent and in accordance with your company’s values. Save time by creating your social media visuals using mockups and design templates.


4.      Give back to the community

There are all sorts of ways your company can create a positive impact in your community while creating goodwill at the same time. Find out how you can help your community – there might be a local youth club you can support or a charity drive you can run for a local cause.


5.      Use what you already have

Everything that’s a part of your company should be a part of your marketing. Your building and your sidewalk should have signs or banners. Company vehicles can also serve as moving billboards. What you’re selling should be the highlight of your images and messaging, not your company’s name.

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