Florida Department of Citrus Issues Marketing RFP

Florida Department of Citrus Issues Marketing RFP
Florida Department of Citrus Issues Marketing RFP

NEED – FDOC is seeking a European-based company to assist in the planning, development, execution, and measurement of retail and trade marketing programs that support Florida grapefruit throughout Europe.

OBJECTIVE – Maximize demand for Florida grapefruit in Europe through a comprehensive mix of retail and trade marketing activities.


The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is an executive agency of the Florida state government whose purpose is to maximize consumer demand for Florida citrus products to ensure the sustainability and economic well-being of the Florida citrus grower, the citrus industry and the state of Florida. FDOC is responsible for conducting a wide variety of programs involving industry regulation, scientific research, market and economic research, and marketing. FDOC was established in 1935 by an act of the Florida Legislature, and is funded by an assessment placed on each box of citrus moved through commercial channels.  The Florida Citrus Commission is the agency head and serves in the capacity of a board of directors for FDOC. The Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Governor of Florida and confirmed by the Senate for three-year terms. The members of the Commission must be citrus growers, packers, or processors. The Commission oversees and guides the activities of FDOC.

Over 80 percent of FDOC’s annual budget is typically spent on marketing and promotional activities for Florida citrus in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The balance of funds is spent on administration, scientific research, economic and market research, and regulatory activities.

Scope of Work:

The initial contract will be for two years with the option of one three-year renewal upon mutual agreement of both parties and with the approval of the Florida Citrus Commission. The FDOC anticipates that the allocated retail marketing budget for Europe (excluding France) will be $315,000 (USD) per year, including fees and all third-party expenses. The FDOC reserves the right to modify this amount as necessitated by budget or market circumstances.

The selected bidder will act as FDOC’s representative to the retail trade throughout Europe. Target markets may include any country in Europe other than France. The specific countries and retail/trade partners targeted by FDOC will depend on feedback received from Florida’s grapefruit exporters during planning in the summer and fall. It is likely that FDOC will want to support retailers in some, or all, of the following markets: Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and the UK. FDOC reserves the right to add any retailer from any European country to its marketing plan. In some countries, FDOC may only target one retailer, while in other countries it may want to work with many different retailers. The selected bidder must demonstrate the flexibility and capacity to accommodate such a plan.

The selected bidder will work as part of a global Florida Citrus marketing team consisting of FDOC staff and contractors in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The selected bidder should have the capability to fulfill the following:

1. Advising FDOC on retail dynamics related to Florida grapefruit in Europe

2. Acting as FDOC’s representative to European retailers and the trade, as directed by FDOC

3. Travel throughout Europe to meet with retail and trade partners as directed by FDOC

4. Developing, implementing, and measuring a plan that may include:

a. In-store demos

b. In-store marketing materials (development and distribution)

c. Digital promotions

d. Coupons / Flyer ads

e. Shopper contests

f. Display / sales contests

g. Trade and shopper education

h. Wholesale market promotions

i. Trade shows (though this is not currently a priority for FDOC) j. Social Media k. Market research / surveys l. Etc.

5. Managing subcontractors, as appropriate, throughout Europe to meet program objectives that can’t be met with direct staffing

6. Budget management and monthly invoicing

7. Rigorous reporting and program/activity evaluation

8. Adhering to State of Florida and USDA-FAS Market Access Program rules and regulations

9. Periodic communication with the USDA-FAS staff based at U.S. embassies in Europe where FDOC activities are conducted

10. Ability to cooperate with non-affiliated FDOC contractors in Europe and around the world to support programs that may not be directly related to the Scope of Work in this RFP

11. Maintaining a staff that can communicate effectively in English with FDOC personnel and other FDOC contractors around the world

FDOC’s marketing programs in Europe are focused on fresh grapefruit rather than grapefruit juice, though juice components may be added at the discretion of FDOC. As such, the majority of marketing efforts will correspond with Florida’s fresh grapefruit season, which generally runs from November to April. December to March is the most rigorous period for marketing activities. Program measurement and season-end reporting should take place between April and June.

Due Date:

February 7, 2020


Florida Department of Citrus Dianne Screws, Director of Purchasing & Support Services 605 E Main Street Bartow, Florida 33830 USA

Relevant agencies worth considering include Hunter PR and Zeno Group.

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