Don’t BLiNQ Now, Gannett Enters Social Ad Game

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USA TODAY parent company Gannett recently announced their acquisition of social media ad company BLiNQ Media. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, but more and more traditional companies are acquiring online marketing and ad tools and expertise to distribute their messages.

It’s no secret that social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are communities where companies seek to convert users into clients. In fact, Social-network advertising revenue will likely grow 48.5% this year alone to exceed $7.7 billion, this according to eMarketer.

Gracia Martore, president and CEO at Gannett, offered this via the company’s press releases:

“BLiNQ has the ability to deliver innovative and differentiated social media marketing solutions, especially at the local level, which is great news for businesses in our 100+ local communities, as well as for national brands that want to reach audiences in those communities.”

Facebook’s launched of pages for developers paved the way for companies like BLiNQ to enhance these for clients. The company has since achieved the status of “Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer.” BLiNQ‘s “BAM 2.0” technology also helps clients in ad planning, targeting audience, and so on. The company plans extending its services and reach beyond Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter too according to BLiNQ CEO Dave Williams.

“Social media, content and other companies that engage consumers companies will keep seeing growth,” noted Billionaire entrepreneur Chris Burch.

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