Green PR: How to Save Planet Earth One Home At A Time

Save Earth With Home - Green Public Relations

There are so many so called “green” initiatives and business buzz marketing activities going on these days, many people loose sight of the impact just common sense has on not only the environment, but utility and other bills as well. Whether you realize it or not, just ordinary measures like insulating your home properly have as big an impact as anything your neighborhood activist might do.

How the Heck Can We Know?

When your house is not properly insulated, drafts are common, as are unevenly heated/cooled uncomfortable rooms. An info-graphic I was asked to look at does a great job of explaining how proper insulation can impact your home. If everyone took a look at making these types of improvements to their homes, a huge amount of energy could be saved yearly – with an enormous positive environmental impact far beyond the “green-washing” most of the corporate world is throwing about.

Sure the graphic you just looked at is about marketing. But the net effect of taking this advice is saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars in energy costs, and in turn burning less fossil fuels etc. I hope the point is clear. Take Chevron as an example of a company “asking not what it can do for you, but what else you can do for them.” People of the world – come on.

How much longer will tolerate the greed that powers unscrupulous companies. How many more Christmas seasons will your child, mine, everyone’s be deprived of even the infinitesimal tidbit of betterment corporate hype costs them? Deep thinking? I know. But you can do it. Think for a moment will you, just as my Christmas present from you the reader. Think about this.

Transparency – The Painless Truth

A friend of mine asked me to look at that info-graphic up there, to see if someone might be interested in writing a story about it. I decided after thinking about it, I liked what the message said so much, I would write the story you are reading. Why? Because the gist of this information is perfectly sound and credible – the kind of marketing the world needs. You create a good product, and you tell the world how it makes things better. Simple. Truth of the first kind really.

Oil companies and most giant corporations are notorious for playing on your overstressed attention span. A nice commercial like the one below, saying all the “truths” as if business discovered truth – then using suggestion to make you believe (beyond a reason) that Wall Street could care less about your babies. You know better, but it is convenient to be hypnotized.

Wellhome is a big company too, but at least on face value their message is believable. Looking at the info-graphic, thinking about a similar message from BP or any company you can name – where is the departure? WellHome is talking about making your house more efficient – Chevron is trying to convince you they love babies and puppies. I hope this is clear.

I don’t often plug companies I am not intimately familiar with, but this message strikes a cord in me. I studied environmental geology with one of the world’s most renowned academics in the field. He used to talk about being part of the solution, moreso than part of the problem. this is pretty old idealism in reality, but the truth of it still rings true.

Oil megaliths will not come up with solutions until it is profitable, whereas insulating your home is a tangible reality – part of the solution, don’t you think? Merry Christmas everyone, I hope my little suggested present saves you a bundle, and a bit of planet Earth too. How’s that for a free plug guys? I like what you are doing.

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