Gibralter Associates New Agency of Record for PositiveID

Gibraltar Associates

Gibralter Associates New Agency of Record for PositiveID

Gibralter Associates has just been named the new agency of record for PostiveID Corporation, a health information and diagnostic company. Gibralter will be taking over media relations and corporate communications for their new client. They will also work on branding and public relations to get PositiveID out there and well known in the medical community.

PositiveID was formed in November of this year, when VeriChip Corporation acquired the Steel Vault Corporation and blended the two companies together. VeriChip created some of the first FDA-cleared implantable microchip for identifying patients. They have worked considerably in the area of patient healthcare records. Steel Vault works to keep patient identities secure.

“PositiveID is positioned to play a transformative role in both health care diagnostics and information management,” said Eric Bovim, co-founder and CEO of Gibraltar Associates. “We are very excited to work with such an innovative technology leader.”

Gibralter ASsociates

PositiveID chose Gibralter for the PR company’s vast experience and ability to handle the job. Gibralter has offices in both Washington, DC and California, making it a wide reaching business, ready to put its contacts into use at a moment’s notice.

“The way we communicate our story should be as innovative as the products PositiveID develops,” said Scott R. Silverman, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID. “Gibraltar Associates’ expertise and strategic approach is a perfect fit for us.”

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