Indian Ministry of Tourism Issues Social Media RFP For Social Media Agency

Indian Government’s Ministry of Tourism

The Indian Government’s Ministry of Tourism is the agency responsible for the development and promotion of tourism in the country.  The Ministry of Tourism through its twenty field offices in India and fourteen offices overseas undertakes publicity and promotion of India through an integrated marketing and promotional strategy and a synergized campaign in association with the Travel Trade, State Governments and Indian Missions.

Promotion of India is also undertaken by the Ministry through  In order to build a strong audience community and to aggressively promote and market India both in the domestic and overseas markets, the Ministry of Tourism has issued an RFP for an agency able to help them achieve a heightened presence in all leading social media platforms.

The objectives of the Ministry of Tourism under social media activities include:

  • To reach out to people worldwide to create heightened awareness about India.
  • Drive traffic to the Incredible India Portal and eventually increase tourist traffic to India.
  • To create a strong audience community.
  • To increase visibility of India in the global tourism markets.

Scope includes:

  • Creation  &  Maintenance  of  Social  Media  Platforms  for  Ministry  of Tourism: The Agency shall create and subsequently maintain Social Media Platform for MOT including Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, YouTube Channel, Google plus, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • New Look: Give all Social Media Platforms a new look every week by putting up new creative features, theme lines, links etc.
  • Updates: Daily informative and promotional updates in the form of relevant text, pictures, audio, unique &interactive content, interviews, news, quiz, etc.
  • Press Releases: Publishing online press releases (of the Ministry of Tourism) on sites in and outside India.
  • Multimedia Releases: Issuing multimedia releases within and outside India.
  • Engage with users: Regularly organize online surveys, quizzes, contests on all platforms in consultation with the Ministry of Tourism.

The Indian Tourism Ministry also requires media tracking, proper tagging and weekly “Effectiveness Analysis and Reports‟ must be submitted on the effectiveness of the social media strategy. The agency must submit a detailed analysis on the steps undertaken for overall promotion of India on the Social Media Platforms and the results achieved.

Additional elements include:

  • Providing amplification of Digital Marketing Communication and Messaging
  • Planning and  Executing  a  “Key  Influencer  Program”  on  Social  Media platforms, which will  aim  at  engaging influencers in  the tourism industry.

The current RFP is for a 3 year period. All proposals are due by December 22nd. The full RFP may be viewed here.

Proposals should be addressed to the Deputy Director General (IT), Ministry of Tourism, 123 Transport Bhawan, 1, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001.


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