Indian PR Firm Under Fire For Helping With Political Campaigns and Rallies

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Brands2Life has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow – India. They offer a variety of PR services, but a big part of their business works with politicians, their campaigns and the rallies sponsored by their parties.

The Rashtriya Lok Samata Party (RLSP) recently engaged the firm to take care of publicity and the media for a rally being held in Delhi for Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti leader, Hardik Patel.

The rally promoted job reservation and education for Patel’s community in Gujarat. This is the first representation of Patel by Brands2Life, but not the first political campaign by them. They also managed the election campaign of Ajay Agarawal, BJP candidate in his election in Rai Bareli against Sonia Gandhi.

Other political PR work by the firm includes managing the visits to Delhi by Kerala BJP president, V. Murlidharan.

Also, negotiations are happening between Brands2Life and a few candidates from Bihar for their campaign management in upcoming assembly elections. Katiyar from the PR firm said, “We did a campaign for Dr. Udit Raj during Anna Hazare’s campaign for Jan Lokpal and organized counter rallies and dharnas.”

Brands2Life India PR FirmBrands2Life opened in 2010 and offers services in advertising, brand management, design and print, exhibition and events, preparing corporate movies, website and digital media, and public relations.

For political clients, they offer market and political research, campaign design, analysis and strategy formulation, media management, and innovative techniques promoting clients. Brands2life added successful approaches to a variety of political campaigns, helping reach the goals set between B2L and their clients.

Some of the clients represented by B2L are the Indian Justice Party, Civitech (spaces for happiness), Cantabil International Clothing, JK Business School,, and Avant Fresh.

The company employs more than 30 professionals and has an association with more than 100 people throughout India for when the need arises.

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