Schumacher Homes Hires Intrapromote as Agency of Record

Intrapromote, LLC

Schumacher Homes has hired Intrapromote, LLC as their new search and social media agency of record. As such, Intrapromote will be responsible for implementing search optimization strategies, both organic and paid, for Schumacher. They will also be working on link building, interaction via social media and will be using article marketing to help promote their newest client.

“Intrapromote not only embodies depth of knowledge and experience but is in sync with the fast paced innovative culture of Schumacher Homes. We look forward to achieving great things together,” said Mary Schumacher Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Schumacher Homes.

Using innovative online techniques, Intrapromote will help Schumacher Homes boost their brand awareness and bring in more sales over the next year. Intrapromote has years of experience as one of the oldest social media companies in the country. They will be using their expertise to promtoe Schumacher through a variety of methods online.

Erik Dafforn, Executive Vice President for Intrapromote said, “We are thrilled to be working with Schumacher Homes as a partner in their online marketing efforts. While we’re in totally different industries, our approaches are strikingly similar: Remain current on industry best practices, and do whatever it takes to please the customer. We’re very excited about this relationship and look forward to big results for Schumacher Homes.”

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