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iPic Entertainment

iPic Entertainment is seeking a public relations agency to provide media and community outreach in the Fulton Market, Dobbs Ferry and Hudson Lights area for their newest locations in New York City, Dobbs Ferry, NY and Fort Lee NJ scheduled to open in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit information and offers for the services outlined below from agencies interested in collaborating with The Gab Group, iPic Entertainment’s corporate agency of record to provide a public relations plan and solutions that meet grand opening and future promotional media and marketing support for the iPic Fulton Market, Dobbs Ferry and Hudson Lights locations.

A broad combination of public relations, media relations, marketing communications and event activities relevant to achieving stated objective.

The selected agency will demonstrate the ability to address the following three areas:

  1. Grand Opening Strategy + Plan:
  • Provide support to develop and execute community outreach initiatives to promote the launch of iPic Fulton Market, Dobbs Ferry and Hudson Lights locations.
  • Assist in facilitation of grand opening events and/or related press conferences; tap into network of key influencers and key media for iPic Fulton Market, Dobbs Ferry and Hudson Lights and the new adjacent restaurant concepts we will soon reveal.
  • Secure guest attendance by essential key influencers and essential media.
  1. Ongoing Strategy Development and Execution:
  • Create and secure placements in relevant, influential, affluent regional publications and news outlets.
  • Provide assistance to ensure collaboration on events and activities at iPic Theaters and the soon to be named iPic restaurants.
  • Assist with outreach to networking and business associations.
  • Facilitate media dinners, tastings and theater experiences for local and regional media.
  • Report on media and community outreach results in a regularly scheduled weekly report that will include outreach in progress, placements secured, and interviews lined up. Reporting on placements published should be reported on as they are posted.
  • Proactively identify and recommend relevant awards and local events at which the restaurants or theaters should participate in or sponsor.

Among the agencies in New York who have worked for movie & entertainment is Coyne PR who represents IMAX Theatres.

Mr. Hamid Hashemi, President and CEO of iPic Entertainment, established iPic Theaters in 2006 – more information is available at www.ipictheaters.com – Inquiries can be sent to: msoudry@thegabgroup.com


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